The subject of a conversation.
The associations people make with words that go beyond the literal or dictionary definition.
The explicit or direct meaning or set of meanings of a word or an expression.
the repetition of vowel sounds.
The repetition of constant sounds.
Comparing two things without using the words like or as.
When human characteristics are given to a non-living object.
Saying or expressing a sound through words
Comparing two things using the words like or as.
An extreme exaggeration.
The repetition of consonant sound at the beginning of a word.
The occurencec of a similar or identical sound at the end of words.
the pattern of end rhyme in a poem is called a__________.
Rhyme Scheme
The use of rhyming words within a line.
internal Rhyme
The use of such words at the end of the lines.
End Rhyme
Poetry that does not contain a regular pattern or rhyme and meter.
Free verse
Tells a story like a short story or a novel.
narrative poem
A short poem in which a poet expresses personal thoughts and feelings.
Lyric Poem
A long serious poetic narrative about a significant event often including a hero.
Epic Poem

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