a writer who uncovers and exposes misconduct in politics or buisness
community center that provided social services to the urban poor.
Settlement house
an election in which citizens themselves vote to select nominees for upcoming elections.
Direct Primary
allowed citizens to approve or reject laws that have been paseed by legislature.
gave voters the power to remove public servants from office before their terms ended.
the right to vote.
its goals were to keep the wealthy and powerful from taking advantage of small buisness owners and the poor.
square deal
placed national banks under the control of a Federal Reserve Board.
Federal Reserve Act
policy by which strong nations extend their political, military, and economic control over weaker territories.
the belief that life consists of competitve struggles in which on;y the fittest survive.
Social Darwinism
a cuban patriot that launched a war for independence from Spain.
Jose Marti
issued the first of a series of notes to foreign diplomats in 1899
John Hay
American statement that the government did not want colonies in China, but favored free trade there.
Open Door Policy
established a civil government in Puerto Rico
Foraker Act
glorification of the military.Militarism
supplies captured from an enemy during wartime.
British passenger liner sunk by a German u-boat during WWII.
telegram witten by German Forgein Minister Zimmermann proposing an alliance between Germany and Mexico against the United States during WWI.
Zimmerman Note
passed by congress in 1917 enacting serere penalties for anyone engaged in disloyal or treasonable activities.
Espionage Act
a group of merchant ships sailing, protected by war ships