high or special regard, esteem
the act of what you anticipate will happen
Adherence to moral and ethical principle; moral character; honesty
the act of what you anticipate
a test that measures the % of hemoglobin
type of artery characteristics by plaques on the inner walls of arteries
an instrument made with loops that are held together by handle
excessively greedy
canister with a blade inside that forces dry ingredients through a wire screen to make small particles
a painful feeling of tightness or pressure in and around the heat that radiates to the back, neck and arms
to say or estimate what will happen next
eating disorder characterized by refusal to maintain a minimal normal body weight
anorexia nervosa
to discourage
relating to measurement of the physical characteristics of the body such as height and weight
a deep pot w/ a long handle
disease of the heat and blood vessels throughout the body caused by CVD. H
Cardiovascular Disease
intermediate stage of liver deterioration seen in diseases such as hepatitis and alcohol liver disease
person trained in nutrition, food science, and diet planning
to surrender under certain conditions to give in
lacking in something
cartilage in the throat that guards the entrance to the trachea
inflammation of the colon
large angled spoon w/ a long handle. used to dip hot liquids
the flow of stomach acid into the esophagus
gastroesophageal reflux
organ that stores concentrates bile (2 words w no spaces)
scale of acidity
painful degenerative disease of the joints
metabolic disorder with elevated blood glucose levels from insufficient insulin levels
the total of a chemical reaction that go on in living cells
compounds composed of many monosaccharides linked together
a system that ranks foods on a scale from 1 to 100 based on their effect on blood-sugar levels. (2 words but but no space inbetween)
glycemic index
the deep abdominal fat that surrounds your organs.
visceral fat
The inability to fully digest sugar in dairy products.
lactose intolerance
disorder that affects copper levels in the body. It is characterized by sparse, kinky hair; failure to thrive; and progressive deterioration of the nervous system
menkes disease
medication used to relieve indigestion by neutralizing acid in the stomach
a gap or interruption in space or time, etc; a break

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