Holloween costume
Our nickname
The Jason Conley song we claim as ours
We Forgot
Where we went for Thanksgiving this year
Big Sur
The mountain that stole your flannel and sweatshirt
How many marathons of yours have I been at the finish line
You took me _____ , something I had never done before and was nervous about
You wont let me play this game on your Xbox
We had a blast at the hot springs by blowing up the fire with ____
I'm your Huckleberry
Our chips
Salt and Vinigar
The night we created our own game, what drink were we drinking, also the drink I threw up in Colorado
When we rock climb we do a ____ kiss
One of your favorite body parts of mine
I made you a naughty music video to which song
Blurred Lines
I love to snuggle up with you and watch
Its one of your favorite things to do, and you took me to do it this winter, and I want to try it more
Split Boarding
Same time, same toilet
We broke this within ten minutes of using it
What we joke about naming our baby

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