a large complex molecule built from smaller molecules, joined together in a repeating patern
a threadlike piece of glass (or plastic) that can be used for transmitting messages in the form of light
optical fiber
the ease and speed with which an element combines, or reacts, with other elements and compounds
one of the smaller molecules from which polymers are built
a reaction involving the particles in the nucleus of an atom that can change one element into another element
nuclear reaction
the length of time needed for half of the atos of a sample o radioactive isotope to decay
half life
A mixture of two or more elements, one of which is a metal
the process in which atomic nuclei of unstable isotopes release fast-moving particles and energy
radioactive decay
a fast moving electron that is iven off as nuclear radiation
beta particle
a combination of two or more substances that creates a new material with different properties
a hard, crystalline solid made by heating clay andother mineral materials to high temperatures
A type of nuclear radiation consisting of two protons and two neutrons
alpha particle
A clear, solid material wih no cystal structure, created by heating sand to a very high temperature
a type of nuclear radiation made of high-energy waves
gamma radiation
a synthetic poylmer that can be molded or shaped
a radiotactive isotops that cna be followed through the steps of a chemcial reaction or industrial process
the process of determining the age of an object using the half-life of one or more radioactive isotopes
radioactive dating

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