The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registers many different types of _______.
Single-celled organisms that have characteristics of both plants and animals are called ________.
______is effectively the basis of all long-lasting realationships with clients and coworkers
The impression you project as a cosmetologist consists of your outward apperance,your behavior,your attitude, the way you interact with others, your communication skills, and how you physically hold yourself is called_____
Professional image
It is most important to consider one's_____and_____when choosing what to wear to work.
body type and shape
Submicroscopic particles that infect cells of a biological organism are known as _______.
The most important point to keep in mindabout makeup is that it should _______your best features and______your less flattering ones
accentute and mask
Salons establish dress code guidelines to create a salon culture,help protect stylist clothing when working with chemicals, and ensure that their stylist______
are dressed for success
What are single celled organisms that grow in irregular masses that include mold, mildews, and yeasts?
Organisms that grow, feed, and shelter on or in another organism are known as ________.
The ability to destroy or resist infections is known as ________.
Completely destroying all microbial life including bacterial spores is known as ______.
The process that eliminates most, but not necessarily all, microorganisms on non-living surfaces is called _______.
The daily maintenance of cleanliness and healthfulness through certain daily practices is known as_____
personal hygiene
How a person dresses and takes care of his or her hair,skin, and nails best reflects one's_____
gromming habits
Your personal presentation consists of your posture and walk and should convey an imgae of_____
One measure that can be taken to prevent injury on the job is to hold implements so that the wrist is in a relatively_____position
Stressful,repetitive motions have a cumulative effect on the muscles and _____
When standing to cut hair, position your legs hip width apart, bend your knees slightly, and align your pelvis with your_______
Your______not only convoys an image, but also helps you get through your daily feeling good and doing your best work.
abnormal hair loss?
_______Phase when new hair is produced?
Middle layer of hair
Strong chemical bond that joins the sulfur atoms of two neighboring cysteine amino acids
Disulfide bond
Lowest part of the hair strand is the_______
Hair bulb
Spiral shape of a coiled protein created by polypeptide chains that interwine with each other
Technical Term for split ends is________
_______is long course, pigmented hair found on the scalp,legs,arms, and bodies of males and females
Terminal hair
Technical term for ringworm is_____.
________ is a Fungal infection characterized by dry, sulfur-yellow, cup like crust on the scalp called scutula.
Tinea Favosa