The first community in our present senior living portfolio (features a brick façade)
A present regional's mother used to live in this community
It backs upon the foothills of the Appalachians
Hendersonville West
It literally "looks down" on one of our communities
Sandra Moore got her start at Spring Arbor in this community many years ago
It featured the first detached Cottage for the company
Rocky Mount
It features a special wing devoted to local artists
This community is pioneering our new K-4 connect high-tech program
The name of this town was derived from it being the highest point on the Chatham Railroad that runs between Richmond, VA and Jacksonville, FL
You're a Pirates fan from this town
The only Spring Arbor with an RCC and CCC named Stephanie
The ED of this community has been with us 18 years
One of their residents has painted murals throughout the building - from dining room to café
Decorative blown glass art lines the entry way of the community
Outer Banks
You can hear an antique player piano still playing each day through the collection of cylinders
The only community with two Cottages
Along with Jamestown and Yorktown, this forms the historic triangle
Our multi-story community
Severna Park
President Washington's family and James Monroe lived in this city
This spring Arbor is located in the town that temporarily housed the US government and its archives during the war of 1812 (including the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution)
Nestled in the heart of the "Apple Blossom Festival"

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