activated for haemodynamically unstable traumas within criteria
red blanket protocol
minimal amount of persons required for log roll
to be done post intubation to reduce the risk of hospital acquired pneumonia
elevate head of bed
acronym for treating soft tissue injuries
suspected in all neonates regardless of temperature
children under six months cannot do this
incidence of this reduced due to Hib vaccine
contraindicated when using viagra
and weight should always be obtained in all paed pts
amount of joules administered during first shock with a biphasic defibrilator
two hundred
button that must be on when performing cardioversion
myocardial infarct when ST elevation is present in leads 2 3 and AVf
Leos answer to everything
given after 3rd unsuccessful shock
triad indicative for cardiac tamponade
unique feature of cardiac tamponade
muffled heart sounds
triad indicative of raised ICP
can be started early in pts, particularly paeds for rehydration
trial of fluids
respirations sometimes seen in DKA
approximate amount of mls per kg in adult circulating blood volume
maximum hours since onset of symptoms to call a stroke code
activated for trauma pt meeting mechanism criteria
trauma alert
bruising around umbilical region
cullens sign
unique characteristic of tension pneumothorax
tracheal deviation
fluid amiodorone and GTN must be administered in

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