likes red colour and loves spending time with daughter
Is a poet and likes sky since its Blue and thats his favourite colour
likes outing with friends, and manali & france is this person's favourite place
Likes street food, and is a great fan of Rio Carnival in brazil
Beware of him, he is the new Sultan in the town, he will pin you down if you show him attitude
Go Goa Gone, But why Goa when he hates loud music or sound, guess there is lot more to Goa than we know m
This Leo person hates political people, you speak to him you will get respect as he knows how to respect the common men...Oh did i say he also likes Blue colour
Has 4 Years of experience @ TLPB, You better not go to him after a smoke as this person hates those who smoke, however you can win this person's heart with Curd rice & Chicken Curry
This Ranchi Girl, can dance, ride bike and hates liars & cheater, Planning to go out on afun day with her, make sure that you have Momo's & Chocolates on the menu.
Driving trucks can prove tough for many, but not this guy, He can drive one even through the Great wall of china, thats his dream destination.....Oh did i say he also like green just like our Founder Chairman
If you are his friend, you better get ready for a road trip to Spain....Dont worry he is not the kind of guy who takes decision suddenly on the basis of emotions... he thinks before he does something and Black is his favourite colour
This person hates nothing and like helping people learn new things,You give him any Home Made Food he will finish it in seconds
Considers his brother as his Best Teacher, Yellow is his favourite colour, and make sure you do your work when he is around,cause he hates those who dont do their job, Loves family and is looking forward for a trip to US with his family.
This Sagittarius person loves white and hates Oversmartness, has learnt a lot from her Father and loves Europe
You respect this person or you are gonna be in his/her hit list, Shopping is this person's craze and does it good in Switzerland, this person also likes White
Has been awarded the best student in hi/her college, likes listening to music, and likes all types of kerala food, and black is this persons favourite colour
This LIbra person loves singing& Chinese cusine, hates back stabber, and was the most studious student when in 12th....likes red
This person has bagged 1st prize in an international dance competition likes veg and hates no veg, and belives "SMOKING KILLS"....theres another sky lovber cause Blue is this person's favourite is Black
"Pink Lips" is this person's fav. song as she likes pink, likes the calm beaches in Goa and the busy streets in Singapore,Going out with this person means Momo's as snack and Biriyani for lunch... as these are his/her fav food. Also used to play basketball in school days and has also won prizes
Considers friends as the best teacher.. is from Tamilnadu, likes green,Reading books and listening music, Fav food is Dosa & Idli...Getting degree is one of his greatest achievement.
This Aries Person will do anything for you for Rajma & Homely Food, And believes in Hardwork and Team work, best timepass is Ber with Football match....Likes Arsenal
This Libra person loves holidays in himalayan region and hates dishonest person, and had his best teaching from his circumstances.....Loves Indian food and blue colour and is one of the most experienced person in the group
This Aquarian hates being mocked at....loves navy blue... considers experience as best teacher and loves Switzerland....You wanna impress this person treat him to a good South indian Food

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