New Jersey ranks 8th in the nation in this well known fruit or vegetable.
Not to be confused with field corn, this crop is especially suited for barbecues and chowder.
There are over 9,000 of these in New Jersey, giving us the well-deserved moniker, the "Garden State".
What is the name of the grading program and marketing campaign known across the country which represents New Jersey's agriculture industry?
Jersey Fresh
Over 700,000 of these are preserved in the Garden State.
New Jersey was ranked third in the nation in 2014 for this fall crop that graces menus at Thanksgiving.
Name the Plant Hardiness Zone that New Jersey is situated in.
What do you call a place where more than one farmer gathers to sell their product?
How are schools teaching students that food doesn't come from a package?
This is something you should do when you buy all fresh fruits and vegetables.
This vegetable tastes great in fajitas or raw with a dip.

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