Puzzles and worksheets similar to Food For Thought Crossword

Laundry Crossword


What is it called to divide clothes into different groups?
What do you call the process of using chemicals to clean clothes?
Before you wash clothes, you should empty these.
This product will remove color and stains from white fabric.
What is the safest water temperature for washing and rinsing all clothing?
Dark colors should never be washed with ____?_____ colors.
What is the biggest problem with NOT cleaning your lint trap?
A special soap used to wash clothes
What do you use to remove wrinkles out of clothes?
You can use this hair product to remove ink from clothes.
You might have to wear these clothes to work.
Use these to store dirty clothes
__________ the washer will not get clothes clean. Fill washer 3/4 full max.
Read this before you sort the laundry. (two words-no space)

Equipment Safety Inside the Depot Crossword


"diseased" equipment
you need these to be safe on your feet
you can be a "super lifter" when using this
this equipment has an identical twin
this is used from Induction to Delvery
this Jack has no Jill
this happens after you make it safe
Robn P wears two
we ride these steps
bigger than a bread box, smaller than a forklift
big rigs are found here
this is us!

ou and ow words Crossword


Sometimes see this when there is rain and sun together.
The day after today.
The past simple of find.
Use this to dry yourself after you wash.
Children and plants do this when they get bigger.
Rain comes from these things in the sky
These give us light from outside and we can see through them.
Say 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
A faster way to wash than a bath.
A type of home, maybe a terrace, a cottage or a bungalow
A small brown animal, or something that we use with our computer.
I put my head on this when I sleep.
A white ingredient of bread and cake.
I like to grow these in my garden; they are beautiful and colourful.
The opposite of fast.
On a wintery day, children like to build it with the white stuff.
He works in the circus and makes us laugh.

Test Your Knowledge Crossword


The meaning of the word TSU
Meaning of the word NAMI
A tsunami is series of giant ????? that travel across the sea in all directions.
They are sometimes known as ?????? waves
Most tsunamis are caused by these underwater.
An underwater ???????? eruption can also create a tsunami.
The 3rd main cause of a tsunami is an underwater ?????????
You should run to this in the event of a tsunami.
Most tsunamis happen in this ocean
This will cause more tsunamis in the future.

All Saints Christmas Treasure Trail Crossword

All Saints Christmas Treasure Trail Crossword

Make sure you are on the nice list so this person will deliver your presents on Christmas Eve
We wish you a merry Christmas and a....
A sparkling garland used as a decoration at Christmas
This festive song is also a woman's name
These animals drive Santa's sleigh. One even has a shiny red nose!
Santa Claus lives here with his Elves. Brrrrr...and it's very cold!
This food is traditionally eaten as the main part of a special meal on Christmas Day
A traditional Christmas baked treat to enjoy with a warm hot chocolate!
What might you use to count down the days until Christmas Day? Are you lucky enough to get a chocolate behind each door?
Ouch, that hurt! These leaves are spiky!
Twinkle, twinkle, little _ _ _ _
"Oh no it isn't!" At which traditional Christmas show would you hear this phrase?
In the song, the 12 days of Christmas, what precious metal were the five rings made out of?

Owen's SCI-FI Crossword


A vessel or means of transport
Being not of this earth
Unknown Space Craft
Mechanised assistant
In the movie he wanted to "phone home!"
They make up the Solar system
He wants you to "Live long and prosper"
Sword made from light
They must assemble to save earth
The craft used by Dr Who
Doc Bown's DeLorean was one of these
The Web slinger
2 Beings working as one. Venom is one of these.
This killing machne will always be back
Tony Stark's alter ego
Smart suit wearing guys, who manage aliens on earth. 3,2,5
70's film about a giant shark
A land of prehistoric monsters. 8, 5
Mary Shelly's best know book
He wants to suck you blood
When the moon is full they change

Tom’s Christmas Crossword

Tom’s Christmas Crossword

Custom made jacket crafted at speed, by a bird? Indeed. (6,5)
Cure to a panic attack. (3,4,2,4,4)
Zebras and tea could be quite tart. Remove top undergarment with an excited fart. (5)
Our lady (3,3)
Looks like my hair but will definitely get your calories up. (7)
All that’s left of these would make a terrible furry companion. Smothered in butter to start the day like a champion. (8)
The last thing I say before we drift away. (5,5,3)
Could be a small furry creature in danger but also a powerful chat with one born in a manger. (4)
A King before Jesus he may be but that’s totally gross and heard on TV. (2,5)
August 24th 2022 (7)
The women you love but have yet to see. The larger comes first as it always should be. (6,7)
What we do most when we snuggle close. (7)
The meal we love to eat but never cook. (8)
The Sound of Music? You are mistaken. Hold me tightly and I’ll do the making. (5,4)
My favourite colour of jacket (6)
My favourite animal (7)
Where we met. (15,6)
Two things that should never mix (9,7)
The thing that makes us different. (6)
What you order when you have a seafood allergy (4)
What you order when you have a seafood allergy. (4)

Long O Crossword

Long O Crossword

We wear this outdoors
Wash your hands with this
This is found on the ocean
A female deer
This animal has horns and eats grass
Falls from the sky in winter
Soup and cereal are eaten in this
This appears in the sky after a rainstorm.
________ on your trumpet
The teacher _______ us to be quiet.
I hit my big _____ on the chair.
Please wait one ___________.
Frog and ________ are friends
A bar of soap will ________ in the bathtub.
A black bird

KEY TERM TOPIC 2.3 Crossword


It is a measure of how efficiently this process is being carried out
Are things other people do far you such as cutting you hair
This is where a single items is made from start to finish , usually according to the customer’s specifications
Involves materials and components arriving at the workplace just in time for use and ‘finished’ products being immediately to customers with very little or no stock kept in case of problems with delivery or work in progress, etc.
Is the process of inspecting and testing products in ode to reduce the number of ejects in the production process and returns from customers
Is a series of activities designed to maximise the level of satisfaction that customers gain from purchasing product or service from a business
Is the raw materials and components , work in progress o finished goods a business holds at any one time
Is what is sacrificed when one course of action is taken over another
Involves the use of machines to carry out operational tasks
Is the length of time taken between two or more processes
Is a systematic approach to selling which involves a series of steps with the ultimate aim of making a sale

Memories of Andrea's time at Leigh Crossword


the new walls were talked about for years before your arrival, but you had to deal with inconvenience repair to this
here is your bag, now drive along
kept us inside for 7 days also name for an older woman on the prowl
gave us a renovated office and a new gym floor
the forest fires created a lot of this, which kept us inside
because of these, falling trees kept us inside
these dirty trousers created quite the smell while the K’s are drumming
sharing our land with many 4-legged
this baby was born in our forest
upgraded to improve ventilation
created a cozy and united staff
a well-deserved drink choice on Friday nights
acceptable drink to get you through the day
these hide our smiles and our looks of exhaustion
created these on our land to play within
veins, hips, and eyes oh my
caused unexpected evacuations
a collaborative K partnership that required this
the school rocks to this beat, thanks to your brother’s connections
the dad that made a tearful speech every September
this message was graffitied on the boy’s bathroom wall especially for you
time spent with a small group of 5-year-olds
not the boxer, but the owl that gave us something to write about
this was an uninvited flying visitor in Michelle’s room
used to alert you of sick kids in class
you taught Kindergarten on this day
the messenger of joy was found in a portable
an embarrassing assembly moment when you had to do this
resulted in temperatures above 40 degrees
friend, colleague and co-pilot
the man was here, moved to the creek then to see the Habs
this person is your frontline right-hand
after a few years of being overpopulated, we lost some of our staff and students to this new school SMILING
this head teacher ran our morning meetings before her departure last year