Born in South Carolina and possibly sold into slavery in Alabama (2 words)
Cassandra Barnett
The Barnetts lived on a plantation in what rural town in Alabama?
She was Cassandra Barnett's only daughter
He married Essie Richard in 1939 (3 words)
Prince Albert Jones
Affectionate term for Samuel Prince Barnett (5 words)
An oak of a man
All we have learned is not all there is to
When Dick Lewis left Alabama, he settled in what state
She and her husband amassed a fortune in real estate (2 words)
Mamie Pearl
She met the love of her life in Greenville, Alabama
Jerry Barnett was affectionately called (2 words)
Big Papa
She married John Wesley Jones and had 15 children (2 words)
Lura Barnett
Pearl Sherrod and her husband settled in what northern city
Tuskegee Airman who passed away prior to the 1993 Alabama Reunion (2 words)
Clifton Barnett
She connected Barnett families in Alabama, Michigan and Oklahoma (3 words)
Dorothy Jones Reeves
He was a veteran and member of the Black Panther (2 words)
Rodney Barnette
He was a noted Boston Inventor (3 words)
Luverne Harleigh Barnette
He and his wife owned a successful Snack Bar for 30 years
She used FBI files to tell her father's story through art
He placed a star he made in Arkansas on family property in Alabama.
He was the responsible for adding the "e" to the Barnett name
She was a teacher and librian who nurtured many (2 words)
Epatha Walker
Descendant of Archy Barnett who drove a school bus (2 woreds)
Silver Lee
The first letters ovAmerica, Belgium, Italy, France and England were used to spell her name
She is the oldest of Prince Albert Jones children (2 words)
Prince Ella
She attended historic Talladega College (2 words)
Brenda Snipes

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