From Fortmill, large family, speaks and enjoys Japan culture-wants to work there, Cheerleader during school and at USC.
From Anderson, 2 brothers, dog, has traveled to europe, draws, says hello 9 languages, computer science
From Roswell, 1 sister, Wrestling, lacross, track, tatoo, enjoys culture of and speaks german, travled to europe, bike injury from pokemon
From Maryland, Twin, ice hockey in highschool and at USC, joined fraternity, finance major
From Blythewood, 1 brother. Marching band in High school. Joining Outdoor club at USC. Political Science major.
From Washington and Fort Mill, Big Family, Won competitions in Irish dancing, traveled to Italy, Wales and Scotland for dancing. Intl Business
From NY. Twin. Grew up in Spanish immersed class. Lifeguard & swim instructor at YWCA. Took dual language class and speaks Spanish. Intl Business
From Mooresville and Florida. 1 sister. Played tennis and Cross Country. Traveled Europe-Spain, France, Italy. Mother italian. Psychology major
From Brazil but lived in SC. Family moving to SC. Speaks Brazilian. 2 dogs. Finished HS year early and shadowed Business student. Biology major and wants to study Genetics.
From Chicago. 4 siblings. Enjoys hockey. Did competitor Dance for many years. Political science and international business major.
From Summerville. 1 brother at USC. On Golf team and club golf at usc. SPTE and business major. Wants to work at LPGA.
From Woodruff/Spartanburg. Always wanted to go to USC. Only child. Marching band in HS. Black belt in Japenese Karate. Enjoys tropic vacations to Jamacia. Business major.
From TX. I sister. ROTC in HS and Navy ROTC at USC. Did Colorguard. Speaks Latin. Enjoys photography and Patriotic. Sailing club at USC.
From NJ shore and moving to SC. Twin. Did competitor Dance. National Honors Society in HS. Business major. Joined Phi Mu.
From Japan but lived in Italy, CA and summerville-military family. Only Child. Extended Family still lives in Tokoyo and speaks Japenese and enjoys culture. International Studies major. Joining Japense club at USC.
From Vermont, near lake. Did lacrosse and water sports. Big hockey and football fan-bruins. Worked at restaurant. HTRM & SPTE major. Wants to work for Marriott and in restaurant industry.
From Dallas and Taiwan. 1 brother. Did military in Taiwan. Did Kendo and swim team and On stage in HS. Was exchange student. Wants to start Kendo club at USC.
From Bronx, Sumter, and Lake Carolina. 1 Brother. Biochem major. Wants to join Billard club