makes its own food through photosynthesis; all plants are living things, but they cannot move like animals;
the process in which a young plant sprouts from a seed
a plant structure that contains a young plant, food supply, and protective coating;
a plant that uses flowers to reproduce
the transfer of pollen from the stamen to the stigma
a biological process by which plants create offspring by combining their genetic material
Sexual Reproduction
one of the often brightly colored leaves of a flower
part of a plant, shaped like a leaf, that lies at the base of a flower
yellow powder produced by the stamen of a flower
male reproductive organ of a flower that produces pollen
part of a flower's stamen that contains the pollen, the ends of the filament.
the part of a flower’s stamen; the slender stalk, the filament supports the anther
the female reproductive organ of a flower that can be fertilized by pollen.

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