the end or finish of an event
an act of performing the same thing over and over again
gathering information based on 5 senses
gathering information using numbers and calculations
where an actual experiment is taking place
experimental group
similar condition but does not have a tested variable in the experiment
control group
an educated prediction
number of repetitions in the experiment where the tested variable is manipulated
the variable the scientist is manipulating
independent variable
quantities or condition that can be changed in an experiment
represents the independent variable and goes horizontal on a coordinate plane
represent the dependent variable and goes vertical on a coordinate plane
a drawing, object, or idea that represents a real event, object, or process.
an explanation or phenomena repeatedly tested or is widely accepted
scientific theory
data or info that supports a statement or proves that something is not true
empirical evidence
involves collecting data in nature
field study
a statement based on repeated experimental observations
scientific law
a system of marks set at fixed intervals used as a standard for measurement
variable used to measure results
dependent variable
to study something by recording data
to examine or ask questions in an organized way
info displayed in rows or columns
data table
the action of copying something
a series if steps used to figure out the effects of a testable question
factors that can affect the results in an experiment so they remain the same throughout the experiment
control variable

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