The day of the beach wedding, it started pouring rain; the vendors had to _________ the party to another location.
The loud girl was very _________; she didn't know how to behave in public.
As we drove through the border control on our way to Mexico, I saw many ______ people; most of them didn't speak fluent english.
The burglers completely ______ the crime scene after stealing everything; they didn't want to get caught by the poilce.
After the ______, the group of people lived way better; they were glad to have made that decision.
There was an ______ group of kids in the honors classes; it seemed to be to good to be true, based on their test scores.
My mom had to ________ my little sister, warning her that she was prone to have diabetes; due to family history, she is most likely going to be diagnosed due to the generation.
The celebrities looked _______ after walking into the after party; all of the ladies makeup was done beautifully.
The love that the women had was _______; her boyfriend thought that everything she said was real.
During the dog's dream, he was very _______; he kept flinching and seemed scared.
The _______ caused many issues with the bakery after the cake fell; it was a complete disaster.
When the waiter made a mistake on the order ______ the price of the meal; she also gave them a free dessert as a courtisy.
After the planes crashed into the building, there was ______ everywhere; the air was a mess and so we the ground.
The very unorganized worker was _______; she would always lose the work of others at her job.
After the lady came out of surgery, the lady had to _____ her muscles; they were very weak.
The man was very _________ when it came to which icecream flavor he wanted; he tried to tell everyone that chocolate was the best flavor.
The movie felt _______ because it was almost 5 hours long; the people started getting uncomfortable and wrestless.
The firefighter _______ all the people from the burning building; everyone was very thankful for them.
At the farm, the kids fed the horses _______ for fun; they all laughed when the horse licked their hand.
The teacher had to ______ the child when he threw the toy; he needed to understand that it was unacceptable to do so.

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