Group of people who share simular beliefs.
Planets in the solar system revolve around what?
Highly developed country.
Spreads knowledge from 1 place to another.
Cultural diffusion
A quality of life based on income.
Standard of living
Percentage of people who can read and write.
Literacy rate
To make a profit of a buissness with interference of the government
Free enterprise
An economic system.
Group that shares simular language(s).
Language family
Earths complete trip aeound the sun.
The beginning time of summer and winter.
When day and night in both hemispheres are equalm
Earths path around the sun.
Moving streams of ocean water.
Plant life.
Tropical storm in the Pacific ocean.
Tropical storm in the Atlantic ocean and Carribean sea.
Water falling to Earths surface.
Water in the form of gas.
Water vapor
Water vapor changing into a liquid.

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