The most sensitive indicator of a suspected case of MH is an unanticipated increase of _____________.
Severe, sustained contracture of the jaw muscles after adminstration of succinylcholine.
___________________ is often the first sign of an acute MH episode and may be mistaken for light anesthesia.
Often a late sign of MH
If your patient develops a ___________, consider MH in the differential diagnosis of any unexpected temperature rise.
___________ is the drug of choice for treatment of MH. Give 2.5 mg/kg.
Do not use ________ _________ blockers when treating arrhythmias. They can cause hyperkalemia and cardiac arrest when used in conjuction with dantrolene.
MH is a serious genetic and potentially lethal syndrome caused by a __________________ state.
MH may be precipitated by the adminstration of volatile inhalation anesthetic agents and depolarizing muscle relaxants, such as ________________________.
Watch for ___________________ by monitoring in an ICU for at least 24 hours. This occurs in about 25% of MH cases.
To ensure patient safety, an MH ______ should be readily available for use by departments where anesthesia is adminstered and it should contain essential drugs, equipment, and supplies.
As soon as you recognize signs and symptoms of MH crisis, call for assistance. At least _________ nurses, an anesthesia care provider, and a surgeon should be present to treat a patient with MH.
After surgeon and anesthesia provider is notified of the situation, anesthesia should immediately _____________ use of all triggering agents.
______________ the patient with 100% oxygen to remove volatile anesthetics and lower end-tidal CO2.
If patient's core temperature is greater than 39 degrees Celsius (102.2 F) proceed with __________ measures. This may include lavaging open body cavities, applying ice to body surface (neck, axilla, groin), apply cooling blanket and/or rapidly infuse cold normal saline for up to 30 minutes.
If your patient weighed 275 lbs, how many vials of Dantrium would you open?

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