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Wound Healing Crossword

Wound Healing Crossword

Skin is broken by abrasion, laceration, or penetration (2 wrds)
Wound made with a sharp pointed object
A factor that influences wound healing
Partial or complete separation of tissue
Healing occurs when the tissue is steriling incised and closed with out complication (2 wrds)
Delayed primary closure (2 wrds)
Halstead's Technique
Extrusion of internal organs or viscera through a wound
Skin is intact, but underlying tissue is injured (2 wrds)
The intention that occurs through the formation of granulation tissue
Torn jagged edges
Hole through tissues with entrance and exit
A cause of wound disruption
Incomplete closure of a surgical wound that allows blood/air to collect
A cause of wound distruption
Separation of alyers of a surgical wound
Realigning tissue layers
Open traumatic wound less than 4 hours old
Classic sign of inflammation
Another name for Inflammatory Response Phase
Abnormal attachment of two surfaces that are normally separate
Hypertrophic Scar Formation
Cancer cells can be spread by touching tissue to tissue

Sewing Tools Crossword

Sewing Tools Crossword

What kind of measuring tool is used for taking body measurement
What tool is used to shape the depth of the neckhole and armhole of the pattern
small hard pitted cup worn for protection on the finger that pushes the needle in sewing.
This tool is used to make fabric flat
Works like a pizza cutter and can be used by left or right-handed sewers
Has an eye and is used to carry thread through the fabric to make stitches
French curve is used for shaping
It holds the straight pins and needles while-working to prevent accidents
It is the cloth used in making garments.
It is available in a range of colors and is Removed by brushing
This is popular in zigzagging or scalloped edge or for seam finishes
It is specifically designed for ripping out stitches from seams, either as a result of an error or during alterations.
It aids in putting the thread to the needle.
It is used to make fine lines on fabric. It has an erasing brush at one end.
It is used in assembling or constructing the parts of the garment.

Wound Care Crossword

Wound Care Crossword

Pooling of blood under unbroken skin
Traumatic scraping away of surface layers of the skin
Traumatic seperation of tissues irregular torn edges
fatal injury to cells
Localized protective response brought on by injury to the tissues
When the edges of a wound are close together they are said to be well _________
A wound with tissue loss that is left open and fills with scar tissue is healing by _________ intention.
Bloody drainage
Removal of necrotic tissue from a wound
Telfa is a nonadherent ______________
Transparent _______ dressings are used to protect Stage I and II pressure ulcers

Wound Care Crossword

Wound Care Crossword

Softening and breaking down of skin, resulting from prolonged exposure to moisture
The upper outer layer of the two main layers of cells that make up the skin
A common bacterial skin infection
A wound irrigation solution that has antimicrobial and excellent moisturising properties
A fluid with high content of protein ad cellular debris that has escaped from blood vessels due to inflammation
Bacteria embedded in a thick shiney barrier of sugars and protein
A dressing that adds moisture to a wound
A sweet sticky substance that has been used in wound care for 100's of years
NICE guidelines recommend this product for debridement of necrotic, sloughy and long standing hyperkeratotic tissue
It can be white or yellow in colour, and is made up of dead skin cells

Lab Equipment Crossword Puzzle

Lab Equipment Crossword Puzzle

A large container used to store or heat large amounts of liquids
A type of flask used to heat substances inside of it (ex: Florence Flask).
A metallic object with bristles on them that come in many sizes used to clean lab equipment.
A type of burner that is connected to a gas or heating source.
Kind of like a pipette, it accurately measures small amounts of liquids and controls how much goes out.
Pieces that can be attached on a stand so other lab equipment could be placed on it.
A lab equipment tool that is shaped like a triangle used to heat material directly under a flame.
A type of flask used to store liquids without it spilling (ex: Erlenmeyer Flasks).
A lid that covers the crucible.
A porcelain dish that is used for igniting solid substances.
A tube like structure that is used to suck in liquid and to drop small amounts of liquid into something.
A type of measuring tool in which measures mass of an object. It measures more accurately than humans sometimes.
Used for evaporating liquids or for drying purposes.
Somewhat like tweezers, they are used to hold small bits or objects.
A conical shaped lab equipment used to pour liquid from one place to another without a single drop.
A type of rack with holes that allows a base for funnels to be placed on. It has a clamp so it can be attached to a ring stand.
A plate made of glass that has many uses.
A rod made of glass that is used to stir up solutions or mixtures.
A long cylindrical tube with marks on it to accurately measure liquids by using the meniscus.
A part for a stand that links to it and causes it to hold items without falling.
A type of paper used for testing acids and bases.
A lab equipment tool used to grind solids into powder.
A thin, plastic dish that is used to observe substances or to analyze/grow microorganisms.
A small plastic or glass tube that is used to measure small amounts of liquids. accurately.
A type of knob that is used to suck liquid out of a pipette.
A type of stand used in labs that could be used to attach clamps on it.
Types of stoppers that are made of rubber that is useful in closing the equipment for storage. It comes in many different sizes.
Sounds like a kitchen tool, but it is used in science too! It is a tool used to scoop substances out.
A type of dropper used to "inject" substances into something.
A thin, glass structure that is used to store small amounts of liquids inside.
A type of tong utensil that is used to carry hot test tubes.
A type of rack that is used to store test tubes.
A metallic "scissor like" object used to carry heated objects or to "crush" small ignition tubes so the heated substances could dissolve in water.
A type of measuring tool used in science that measures mass. It is not accurate due to human error.
Type of flasks that are used to measure precise amounts of liquids.
Used to observe substances and to help cover up the beaker.
Used as a container to store substances.
A thin tray, wired like a coordinate plane, that acts like a base that helps to limit heat, cracking and overheating.

Chapter 11 Review Crossword

Chapter 11 Review Crossword

Natural, multifilament, nonabsorbable suture, loses its tensile strength in a year and is undetectable in tissues after 2 years?
Suture with inconsistent tensile strength and rapid absorption rate, with moderate tissue reaction.
Ethicon sutures may be designated with a what, which means they have an antibacterial coating
Chemical name of Gore-Tex suture?
Suture that is MOST inert in tissue?
Which suture would be contraindicated in a chronic infected wound of an immunosuppressed patient?
Which absorbable suture provides the MOST extended wound support?
Which synthetic, monofilament, nonabsorbable, and most inert synthetic suture used frequently in CV and Eyes?
Synthetic, nonabsorbable, monofilament with double-armed taper needles are used for vascular.....
What type of suture needle is used on friable tissue such as liver or kidney?
Which type of needle is preferred for suturing the skin?
Tissue trauma is minimized by using which type of suture needle? (closed eye, french eye, or swaged on)
Which type of needle is a solid bore (not hollow) type of needle?
Which suturing technique is MOST appropriate for wounds likely to become infected or suffer potential stress?
Which suturing technique would be used to close the stump of the appendix in an open appendectomy?

Tissue Integrity Crossword

Tissue Integrity Crossword

Outer most part of the skin
Fibrous, water-repellent protein
Second, deeper layer of skin
Loose connective tissue, stores fat cells
Confined to the dermis and epidermis
Involves the dermis, epidermis, subcutaneous tissue, possibly muscle and bone
Itching of the skin
Hard crust covering an open wound, dried plams proteins and dead cells
Fluid drainage from a wound
Used to determine allergies
human skin that has been harvested from cadavers
Skin obtained from an animal, usually a pig
Assessment tool for predicting pressure sore risk
Clear or straw colored fluid
Large amounts of red blood cells, drainage

Sewing Terms Crossword Puzzle

Sewing Terms Crossword Puzzle

It holds the fabric in place where the needle is stitching the fabric on at sewing machine (2 words)
It protects your finger as you sew by hand. It can be used to push the needle through the fabric.
This type of stitching is temporary to hold fabric in place and then pulled out later in the project
This is threaded and used to sew fabric together
An iron is used to do this. Steam can be used. The iron is held in one place at a time while doing this.
Most thread comes on one of these
These are used to hold fabric together before the fabric goes through the sewing machine.
The finished edge on the bottom of a dress or sleeve.
The "pretty side" of the fabric. The part of the fabric with the design to be shown on the outside of the project.
They are used to cut fabric.
A fabric that covers up the inside seams of a garment or sometimes used in a tote bag.
These help move the fabric through the sewing machine by grabbing the fabric with metal teeth (2 words)
This is used to hold the fabric together in a finished garment or project.
This can be used to open and close a bag or the back of a dress or the fly of pants.
A valuable tool in the sewing room to give a garment a finished look. It is used after sewing the seams together.
A three layered item with stitching through all three layers to hold them together. It can be used as a bed spread.
The line of stitching holding pieces of fabric together for crafts of clothing.
Pressing or ironing is done with this tool. It can get very hot.

Chapter 2- Suffixes Crossword

Chapter 2- Suffixes Crossword

surgical puncture
pain (a)
pain (d)
surgical fracture
fixation of a bone or joint
separate; loosening; destruction
fixation of an organ
surgical repair
forming an opening
instrument to cut
instrument for recording
process of recording
instrument for examining
visual examination
hernia or swelling
dilation or expansion
blood condition
forming, producing, origen
abnormal condition
decrease; deficiency
prolapse down
discharge of fluid
abnormal condition of hardening
involuntary contraction

Chapter 4- Integumentary System (Disease and Disorders) Crossword

Chapter 4- Integumentary System (Disease and Disorders) Crossword

Localized collection of pus
Scraping away of the skin by mechanical process
Inflammation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue caused by infection, characterized by redness, swelling, and fever
injury with no break in the skin, characterized by pain, swelling, and discoloration (also called a bruise)
noninfectious, inflammatory skin disease characterized by redness, blisters, scabs, and itching.
death of tissue caused by loss of blood supply followed by bacterial invasion (a form of necrosis)
Torn, ragged-edged wound
Any visible change in tissue resulting from injury or disease. It is a broad term that includes sores, wounds, ulcers, and tumors.
Chronic skin condition producing red lesions covered with silvery scales.
Disease characterized by chronic hardening (induration) of the connective tissue of the skin and other body organs.
Fungal infection of the skin, that may infect keratin of the skin, hair,and nails. (also called ringworm)