a young animal, especially the young of carnivorous mammals such as wolves,lions, bears, and dogs; a boy or young man regarded as showing inappropriate boldness or lack of deference; a child or young person
a small crane at the side of a ship's deck, especially one of a pair of curved metal posts with tackle attached for suspending and lowering a lifeboat
the feeling of conviction about something, especially an opinion or religious faith;something that is certain to happen or about which somebody can feel sure
the areas at the edge of a town or city, farthest from the center
outskirts hatchaway
to bring something to an end, usually by means of force; to allay a disturbing feeling or thought in a reassuring way
having a position at or near the front of something, especially a ship, an aircraft, or an animal; at or toward the front, especially of a ship or aircraft
fore- top
a man or boy who rows at the bow of a boat
a violent or noisy commotion; a psychological or emotional upheaval or agitation
a confused noise, especially the noise of loud unintelligible voices all talking at once; a scene or place of noisy confusion
a rebellion against legal authority, especially by soldiers or sailors refusing to obey authority
the firing of several weapons simultaneously, especially at a formal military ceremony; a concentrated burst of firing or bombing from several different sources during a battle; a sudden burst of applause or cheering; a vigorous written or spoken attack; something that is used to save a reputation or soothe somebody's conscience or wounded pride
to give help to somebody in need; to perform the duties of a member of the clergy; to administer something such as aid, medicine, or a sacrament
different from what it is claimed to be, not authentic, or not valid or well-founded; born to parents not legally married to each other
a fast sailing ship with at least two masts and with sails set lengthwise fore-and-aft
lumbering and laborious in movement; without liveliness or wit; disproportionately thick and heavy
a sharp tool; somebody who cuts somethings; somebody who reduces something; small armed patrol boat; single-mastered sailboat; boat for transporting passengers
a large crowd of people; a very large number of things or people; the majority of ordinary people
a possible source of danger or harm; a constant source of trouble and annoyance; a threatening quality, feeling, or tone; a threatening act, gesture, or speech; to be a possible or actual source of danger or harm to somebody or something; to behave toward or speak to somebody in a way that threatens injury or harm
a poetic or literary effect achieved by using several words that begin with the same or similar consonants, as in "Whither wilt thou wander, wayfarer?"
a pleasant rising and falling variation in the pitch of a person's voice

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