is acidic fluid, gastric juice, and partially digested food
a small rounded mass of substance, especially of chewed food at the moment of swallowing
above the soft palate and is the passageway for air during breathing
a narrow-edged tooth at the front of the mouth that is adapted for cutting food
connects the back of the mouth and nose to the esophagus and is the passage for both air and food; ends below the tongue
a pointed tooth between the incisors and premolars and is used primarily to tear food
a tooth that is primarily used to grind food
a type of cavity that is found on the flat surface of the tooth
smooth surface
is able to be dissolved in water
water soluble
any amino acid that is required for life and growth but is not produced in the body, or is produced in insufficient amounts, and must be supplied by protein in the diet
essential amino acids
a simple organic compound containing both a carboxyl and an amino group
amino acids
any of the class of sugars that cannot be hydrolyzed to give a simpler sugar
formed by glycerol and three fatty acids
a simple sugar that is an important energy source in living organism and is a component of many carbohydrates
"good" cholesterol
"bad" cholesterol
a polysaccharide that functions as a carbohydrate store and is an important constituent of the human diet
a chemical compound that tests for proteins
Biuret solution
a test for detecting glucose (carbohydrates)
Benedict's solution
various glands that secrete fluids, or saliva, into the mouth cavity
salivary glands
the part of the alimentary canal that connects the throat to the stomach
a large membranous tube reinforced by rings of cartilage; extends from the larynx to the bronchial tubes
the opening at the end of the alimentary canal through which solid waste matter leaves the body
a tube shaped sac attached to and opening into the lower end of the large intestine in humans
the opening in the lower part of the human face, surrounded by the lips
a large organ in the abdomen which is involved in many metabolic processes
the final section of the large intestine, terminating at the anus
the fleshy muscular organ in the mouth that is used for tasting, licking, swallowing, and articulating speech

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