People who moved with their flocks in search of posture
Fertile desert area watered by underground spring
The preparing of foods as products for sale
Food processing
Openings in the earths crust
Dense green undergrowth, towering trees, and wide marshes mark an area
Nature preserve
Vast treeless plain
People who have a common language, culture, history
Ethnic group
Cold treeless plains, stretch alng the artic shore
South of the tundra is a vast area of evergreen forests
Permanently frozen layer of soil
An authoritian political system in which the government controls the economy
The national government; owns all land, resources, industries, farms, and railroads, the government also makes all economic decisions
Command economy
The making of goods suck as machinery, mining equipment, and military weapons
Heavy industries
The making clothing, shoes, furniture, and household products
Light industry
Where businesses are privately owned, operating profit with little government
Free enterprise system
From the late 1940s to the late 1980s the Soviet Union and the U.S. waged the Cold War
Cold War
Labors who were bound to leave the land
Household and electronic products
Consumer goods

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