Famous Bank Robber
Al Capone
Famous Jazz Musician
Louis Armstrong
Interest in black culture
Harlem Renaissance
Famous Dress type
Type of Desgin
Created the Model T
Henry Ford
Silent Film Movie Star
Charlie Chaplin
First woman to fly across the Atlantic
Amelia Earhart
Famous Baseball Player
Babe Ruth
The invention of the car created this
assembly line
Violated the butler act
John T. Scopes
Civil rights Activist
James Weldon Johnson
Jamaican-American Poet
Claude McKAy
American Composer and pianist
George Gershwin
Sister Aimee
Aimee Semple McPherson
Female short story writer
Zora Neale Hurston
American Blues singer
Bessie Smith
Italian born American Anarchist
Nicola Sacco
American band leader of a Jazz orchestra
Duke Ellington
American Tennis Player
Helen Willis
Male Tennis player
Bill Tilden
"The Galloping Ghost"
Red Grange
"Kid Blackie"
Jack Dempsey
"The GIpper"
George Gipp
Johnny Weismuller
Ban on alcohol