Who ran for reelection in 1840 and was known as "man of the people"
William Henry Harrison
An action by a state that cancels federal law to which the state objects.
Who was the Cherokees established of a government based on a written constitvtion
What is the right to vote in a political party?
Served two terms as president, from 1829 to1837.and marked the opening of a new and more democratic era in America political life
Andrew Jackson
A meeting of members of the political party.
Who was secretary of the state during Jackson's first term and Vice President during his second term
Martin Van Buren
To the practice of rewarding government jobs to loyal supporters of the party that wins an election.
Spoils system
A meeting of members of a political party
_________ is the right of people to rule themselves independently
A other word for gave up
Who organized an army of Native Americans that freed several Mexican provinces?
Miguel Hidalgo
Who was the best known leader of the struggle for independence from Spain and lead independence movement in the northern part of South America.
Simón Bolivar
Who was an American state men and was president from 1818-1825
James Monroe
Secretary of State and served as a diplomat.
John Quincy Adams
Who spoke for people in the west who thought the country needed better roads and cantes to transport goods from one region to another.
Henry Clay
Who was a spokesperson for the Northeast?
Daniel Webster
Who spoke for interests of the South,put more emphasis on the idea of state's rights?
John C. Calhoun
________ is selling goods in another country below market prices.
What is a legal document giving certain rights to a person or company?
_________ is an agreement between two or more parties that can be enforced by law.
_________________ trade between two or more states
Interstate commerce
What is the economic system in which privately owned businesses compete in a free market?

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