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College Crossword Puzzle


This college degree typically takes 4-6 years to complete. Bachelorsdegree
One way to pay for college is by using _________. financialaid
This degree is often awarded at community colleges and takes on average 2 years to complete. Associatedegree
A __________ is a degree offered at a university after you have obtained a bachelor’s degree. Graduatedegree
Which college entrance exam is run by College Board and has a score range of 400-1600? SAT
What type of financial aid must be paid back and often with interest? Loans
The FREE application for financial aid required by most institioons of higher education in order to determine financial need for grants, loangs, and institutional scholarships. FAFSA
A _______ is free money that does not have to be paid back after graduation. grant
______ allows you to work part-time on or close to campus in order to financially assist you while you are taking classes. workstudy
A field of study at a college is a _______________. major

The Cat in the Hat Crossword


....... & I did not Know what to do Sally
You sank our toy...... Ship
Thing one and ......... Thing two
What did not shine??? Sun
Fun in a ........... Box
It was to wet to play ......... So we sat in the in the house Ball
What BUMP made them JUMP the Cat in the Hat
What did the things play with...... Kites
You bent our new....... Rake
How many objects did the cat in the hat balance on his head?? Thirteen
......... Was out Mother
The Weather was .... Cold
What did Sally and I use to catch thing 1 & thing 2 Net
The fish in the........ Pot
What pet did the have ?????? Fish
What colour was the fish?????? Pink
What was the cats first trick called Up up with a fish
Mothers new Dress
What colour is the Cat in the hats hat ?? Red and white
When the cat and the walked in was the fish in the bowl or the pot??? Bowl
What colour was the Cat in the hats umbrella Blue
And look with my tail I can hold a red ...... Fan
Which foot was the cat in the hat balancing milk on ????? Left
How many books was the cat in the hat balancing ??? Three

muscular system Crossword


Shorten, become smaller and tighter. contract
to loosen, go back to original length. relax
a muscle at the front of the upper arm. It lifts and bends the lower arm when it contracts. biceps
What is a flexible, but an elastic cord that attaches a muscle to the bone? tendon
the name of a muscle that straightens your arm. triceps
Your skeletal system works with your muscular system to allow? movement
what muscles work all by themselves to make your heart pump blood? heart
when you specifically make your muscles work voluntary
a kind of muscle acts independently of the will. involuntary
muscular system is an organ system consisting of skeletal muscles, smooth muscles and cardiac
What muscles are controlled directly by the autonomic nervous system. smooth
What can a loss of function can produce? paralysis
What is one of the muscles used in sprinting? hamstring
What is one of the muscles used in a baseball swing? abdominal
What is the muscle that allows you to shrug your shoulders? trapezius

8th Grade Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle


_________are the words spoken by characters in a play. Dialogue
The repetition of initial sounds, such as "Peter Piper Pizza" is called? Alliteration
The words around the unknown word are called....... Context Clues
Realizing the POTENTIAL danger of the situation, he called for help. Potential means? Possible
Which point of view is all knowing and sees into different characters' minds? Third Person
An example of a ____is "He is as scary as a bear." Simile
The VITRIOL in his voice--all the anger and hate--made the character scary. Vitriol means? Anger and hate
An example of ____is saying you are so hungry you could eat a horse. Hyperbole
An author describing the sun smiling on a field of flowers is an example of ____. Personification
Which point of view uses "I" or "me" First Person
A story about a person's life written by that person is called? Autobiography
The moment of highest tension in the story, the turning point is called? Climax
When an author writes a story about another person's life is called? Biography
Placing events in order in which they happened is called? Chronological Order
The main character in a work of literature, usually the "hero" or "good guy"? protagonist
the person that stands in the way of the protagonist's happiness, usually the "bad guy' is? Antagonist
The beach's Tranquility, or its peaceful feeling, made the vacation perfect. Tranquility means? Peaceful
_____is a long speech by a character in a play, spoken either to others or to himself. Monologue
A struggle between opposing forces, the problem in the story is called? Conflict
When the effects of the action or decision are revealed, leads to resolution. Falling Action
The Marlin is the social HUB of the ship-the heart and main point of attraction. Hub means? Popular part
The message, moral, or lesson of a story is called? Theme
Using your reason and experience to figure out something that is not written or stated. Inference
Description or dialogue that introduces the characters, the setting, and the situation. Exposition
Events that complicate the situation by introducing the conflict, leads to the Climax. Rising Action
Occurs when a main character clashes with an outside force. External Conflict
What does the prefix "auto" mean? Self
What does the "pre" mean? Before
______tell actors how to move and speak, usually in parentheses( ) or in italics. Stage Directions
What does the suffix "ology" mean? Study of
One man's trash is another man's treasure is an example of______. Theme
Identify the meaning of the prefix in the word UNDERESTIMATE Below

Cultural Diversity Crossword


a household ran by the mother matriarchal
the culture that believes illness is called by outside resources European
the culture that believes you can cure illnesses by using herbal remedies and acupuncture Asian
the culture that believes illness is caused by spirits , demons or punishments from god south african
often times called territorial space personal space
a preference that prevents impartial judgement bias
an organized system of belief in a higher power religion
used to communicate many things , some are not the same in all cultures gestures
this is determined by your physical characteristics race
nuclear , extended , patriarchal, and matriarchal family organization
what we use to communicate language

College Terms Crossword


An online platform that allows a student to apply to multiple colleges at once Common App
Part time job provided by the school that you're attending. Awarded through FAFSA Work study
Money that comes through banks or credit unions. They set the interest rates and terms and conditions private loan
Between academic times to have enriching experiences. Many students participate in different activities, or some students work and save up money. Gap year
Received through FAFSA. Usually has benefits such as fixed interest rates or income driven payment plans federal loan
If a student is accepted to a college or university, they have to attend that school in the fall early decision
Measures reading, writing, and math levels. Taken junior and/or senior year. Can be taken more than once SAT
Students receive a response from the college earlier than typical response times. They do not have to commit to that college until the normal response date of May 1 Early Action
AKA a junior college, can receive an associates degree or path to four year Community college
Typically taken in the 10th grade. Helps prepare for the SAT PSAT
A type of institution that depends on government money public
A type of institution that is independent and sets its own policies and goals private
'Gift Aid' Money that does not need to be paid back Grant
Free application for federal student aid FAFSA
This is another standardized test that can be submitted to colleges. Can be taken as a junior and/or senior, and can be taken multiple times ACT

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Beowulf Crossword Puzzle


discolored by bruising Livid
a tangible symbol signifying approval or distinction honor
the ultimate agency predetermining the course of events Fate
adjectives that point out special traits of particular persons or things Stock Epithets
descriptive phrase or compound word that substitutes for a noun Kenning
praise, glorify, or honor Laud
long narrative poem Epic
a person related to another or others Kin
“But leave your battle-shields here, and your spears, / Let them lie waiting for the promises your words/ May make” Wulfgar
“I am old, now,/ But I will fight again, seek fame still…” Beowulf
“I was new to the throne, / Then, a young man ruling this wide / Kingdom and its golden city; Hergar…” Hrothgar
“-a king, before, but now / A beaten warrior.” narrator
“And death/ Would be better for them all, and for you, than the kind/ Of life you can lead, branded with disgrace!” Wiglaf
“I’d use no sword, no weapon, if this beast / Could be killed without it, crushed to death / Like Grendel, gripped in my hands and torn / Limb from limb.” Beowulf
“I’d rather burn myself than see/ Flames swirling around my lord.” Wiglaf
“Once more, and again twisted gold,/ Heaped-up ancient treasure, will reward you/ For the battle you win!” Hrothgar
“For hours he sank through the waves; / At last he saw the mud of the bottom.” Narrator
“I’d leave my armor to my son, / Now, if God had given me an heir, / A child born of my body, his life / Created from mine.” Beowulf
Where does the demonic creature live? Marshes
What value did Beowulf fight for that shows the values of the Anglo-Saxon period? Fame
“And he saw, / Hanging high above, a golden / _____, woven by the best of weavers / And beautiful.” Banner
“______, where his [Hrothgar] subjects congregate and make merry” Herot
“The ______ drove / Those demons out, and their exile was bitter, / Shut away from men; they split / into a thousand forms of evil --- spirits / And fiends, goblins, monsters, giants, / A  brood forever opposing the Lord’s / Will, and again and again defeated.” Almighty
“Ran out with their bodies,/ The blood dripping behind him, back/ To his ___, delighted with his night’s slaughter” Lair
“Then the Geats built the _____, as Beowulf/ Had asked, strong and tall, so sailors/ Could find it from far and wide;” Tower
Beowulf's uncle, _____, is the king of the Geats Higlac
Cain's descendant, _________, terrorizes the country Grendel
What trophy was taken as a result of the first battle? Arm
How many heirs did Beowulf have? Zero
Father of Hrothgar? Healfdane

8th Grade Math Crossword


Comparsion of two numbers Ratio
a function whose graph is a straight line linear function
7(2)what is the two called Power
a set of ordered pairs Relation
A ratio thta compares the change in the y-coordinates of a graph to the change in the x-coordinates slope
only one number can make a equation true one solution
700/4 divided by x/22 what is this called? Cross Multiply
____ lie in the same plane and never intersect parallel lines
the set of all the input/ output values in a function domain
to find a __ that is neither horizontal nor vertical on the coordinate gird , you can apply the Pythagorean Theorem Distance
, r represents _______ radius
any nonzero number rasied to the power of zero is 1 power of zero
to raise a power to a power, multipy the exponents power of a power
the __ symbol represent square roots radical
the measure of a right angle is ____ degrees ninety
an ___ number can be expressed as an infinite, non-repeating decimal irrational
any number that can be expressed as the ratiom of two integers excluding division by zero rational
another word for total sum
when a fatcor is multiplied by the sum/ difference of two numbers,you can multiply each two numbers by the factor and then add/ subtract the products distributive property
the longest side of a right triangle , opposite the right triangle hypotenuse

Abiotic and Biotic factors Crossword


Mans best friend Dog
Biotic factors that have feathers. Birds
A farm animal that is normally black and white and produces milk. Cows
Covers most peoples yard. Grass
Iron, Magnesium, Granite and more. Minerals
non living things Abiotic
Substance that we breath in. Air
How warm or cold it is. Temperature
living things Biotic factors
these things can be super bugs that can get you sick. Bacteria
large plants that can bear fruit and shade. Trees
substance found on beaches that you can walk on. sand
an areas average weather conditions over time climate
essential to life, 50 to 95 % of all bodies are made up of this substance water
type of seed you eat at a baseball game sunflower
also known as a breeze wind
helps photosynthesis sunlight
decaying matter found in soil humus
comes from sunlight energy
animal with scales that live in water fish