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employability skills Crossword


what are making eye contact and a firm but gentle handshake examples of. Good first impression
how early should you arrive for an interview. ten minutes
How many times should you uses a name in a conversation in order to remember it. three
should you ever throw away a business card with someones name on it. no
should you watch what you say about your personal life in the work place. yes
phone calls and emails should be returned within. twentyfour hours
what does all caps signify in emails and other text. anger
should you try to talk to people or and employer while he/she is on the phone. no
if you are going over seas for a job should you learn the native language of the place you are going to yes
the US department of labor estimates that what percent of workers will lose their jobs over bad work ethics. eighty

Robotics Crossword


Computer aided design can be say in a short way is Cad
Follows commands you tell the robot Control mode
An information processing device whose inputs are both the desired and measured position, velocity or other pertinent variables Controller
The study of motion, the forces that cause the motion, and the forces due to motion. Dynamics
removes drive power from the robot actuators, and causes all moving parts to stop. Emergency stop
able to add resources to the system, such as memory, larger hard drive. Expandability
The procedures use mathematical algorithms along with joint sensors to determine its location of a robot Forward kinematic
It can determine a position and orientation of an object in space, as well as the robot's position within its model. Frame
re-programmable multifunctional manipulator designed to move material, parts, tools, or specialized devices, through variable programmed motions for the performance of a variety of tasks Industrial robot
I help the robot move it arms or move Joints
This is commonly used as a non-contact sensor for robots. Robotic applications include: distance finding, identifying accurate locations, surface mapping, bar code scanning, cutting, welding etc. Laser
industrial robotic arm transfers materials from one place to another. Material handling
devices or computers separate from the robot for later input of programming information to the robot. Offline programming
It moves and use mostly on this I can work will out it Robot
predicting the behavior and the operation of a robotic base the look of it Robot simulation
It help the robot to determine the environment of the robot like light heat. Sensor
The robot predicting the behavior and the operation of a robotic, kinematics emulation, path-planning emulation, and simulation of sensors. See Sensor, Forward Kinematics, and Robot. Simulation
This items we use to build buildings fix robot house. Tool
It can work without you can build fine and it not being supporter by something Base
object to the workplace by gravity. Usually, a chute or container is so placed that, when work on the part is finished, it will fall or drop into a chute or onto a conveyor with little or no transport by the robot Drop delivery

Why Social Skills Bingo

Bingo Cards

Why we make Good Eye Contact
Why take turns when talking
Why do we share
Why ask how others feel
Why do we walk not run
Why do we make friends
Why do we use an inside voice
Why don't we repeat oursleves
Why do we try new foods
Why share interests
Why not get mad when lose
Why pay attention to speaker
Why "read" others faces
Why stay calm
Why not hit, kick, or yell
Why ask before taking
Why raise our hands
Why not laugh at others
Why say "please" "thank you"
Why say "yes" & "no"
Why clean up
Why say "hello" & "goodbye"
Why say "I'm sorry"
Why stay in line


Growth and Development Crossword


Where a baby developes. Uterus
What is the Male hormone? Testosterone
What is the Female hormone? oestrogen
While a girl has her periods what products can she use? .....or.... Pads or Tampons
Should you shower once a fortnight? No
Should you wear clean underwear and socks each day? Yes
Should you shower after physical activity? Yes
What is something that grows on a boy's face? Facial Hair
If you shower after physical activity and wear deodorant every day this is called good...... Hygiene
What fertilises a females egg? Sperm
Do girl's hips widen during puberty? Yes
Do boy's shoulders widen during puberty? Yes
Is it normal to get emotional during puberty? Yes
Should you brush your teeth twice a day? Yes
Why do we go through purberty? So we can..... Reproduce

Principles of the Constitution Crossword


Law-making Branch LEGISLATIVE
Law-enforcing Branch EXECUTIVE
Law-interpreting Branch JUDICIAL
In Congress, 1 of 100 SENATOR
First 10 Amendments BILLOFRIGHTS
1st says: say what you want (2 wds.) FREESPEECH
2nd says: right to ___ (2 wds.) BEARARMS
Law of the Land CONSTITUTION
3rd says: they can't stay SOLDIERS
Half of Congress: 1 of 3 HOUSE
Half of Congress: 2 of 3 OF
Half of Congress: 3 of 3 REPRESENTATIVES
Before it alaw BILL
Change to the Constitution AMENDMENT
Simply, doc to search your stuff WARRANT
5th says: right to remain __ SILENT
Type of court for 6th CRIMINAL
Type of court for 7th CIVIL
President of the Senate VICEPRESIDENT
Powers given to the fed. gvmnt. ENUMERATED
Powers given to the States RESERVED
8th says: no unusual __ PUNISHMENT
Gvmt. pay for what they take away (2 wds.) EMINENTDOMAIN
Intro to Constitution PREAMBLE
"...provide for the common __" DEFENSE
"...secure the blessings of __" LIBERTY
"1st Constitution"? ARTICLES
Chief Executive; commander-in-Chief, ... PRESIDENT
"People Rule": 1 of 2 POPULAR
Principle of shared power between fed gvmt & states FEDERALISM
Greatest power of Sup. Court: 1 of 2 JUDICIAL
Greatest power of Sup. Court: 2 of 2 REVIEW
Full Faith and __ CREDIT
__ & Proper: The Elastic Clause NECESSARY
Powers shared by nat. & state gvmts. CONCURRENT
To approve an Amendment RATIFY
6th says: right to a __ LAWYER
__ Clause: nothing higher than Constitution SUPREMACY
"People Rule": 2 of 2 SOVEREIGNTY

Laboratory Professionals Week Crossword


Chocolate, Yellow or Black? LAB
You get the point NEEDLE
Stop the germ spread HANDWASHING
All the better to see you MICROSCOPE
Round and round it goes CENTRIFUGE
Not a 'Vampire' PHLEBOTOMIST
Can't live without it BLOOD
When you need it, we make sure it's right for you TRANSFUSION
Not your average Q-tip! SWAB
Right now! STAT
Lab person in the know TECHNOLOGIST
Not a type of TV PLASMA
Phlebotomists love to find them! VEIN
Component of blood SERUM
A little 'buggy' department MICROBIOLOGY
The department that likes both red and white HEMATOLOGY
Pocket purse of hemoglobin RED BLOOD CELL
Some Lab garbage BIOHAZARD
Point of one end, plunger on the other SYRINGE
A little Lab gift SPECIMEN
Yes, we can read wht the Doctor wrote on it...usually! REQUISITION
We have parts without the person PATHOLOGY
The pee patch URINALYSIS
Our color is blue! COAGULATION
What we don't do, someone else will REFERRALS

Star Wars: A New Hope Crossword


Brought C-3PO to life Anthony Daniels
The man inside R2-D2 Kenny Baker
Played a walking carpet Peter Mayhew
Who said "I have you now!" Darth Vader
That wizard is just a crazy old man Obi-Wan Kenobi
The Color of Luke Skywalker's first Lightsaber Blue
This station is now the ultimate power in the universe! Death Star
Who said "We have no weapons, you can't possibly..." Princess Leia Organa
Made the Kessel run in under 12 parsecs Millennium Falcon
"Where are you taking this... thing?" What is this thing? Chewbacca
"I used to bulls eye _____ ______ in my T-16 back home..." Womp Rats
"Yes, Greedo. I was just going to see your boss." Han Solo
Luke Skywalker's call sign. Red Five
Luke Skywalker's Friend Wedge
They ride single file to hide their numbers. Sand people
It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together. The Force
Who doesn't need to see his identification. Stormtrooper
What is better than a lightsaber by your side Blaster
C-3PO or R2-D2 Droid
Into the____, fly-boy! Garbage
"Going somewhere, Solo?" Greedo
What brings the Millennium Falcon into the Death Star. Tractor beam
Sold C-3PO and R2-D2 Jawas
The moon with the rebel base orbited this planet yavin
A peaceful planet. Alderaan
Class of fighter that Luke Skywalker pilots. xwing
Luke Skywalker's father Anakin
The Rebels fight against whom. The Empire

Argumentative Writing Crossword


making a claim supporting it argument
making a claim supporting it using feelings persuasion
The position that you are trying to get your reader to accept claim
Facts that support your claim evidence
Statement that explains how the evidence supports and connects to the claim bridge
Challenging the argument by addressing the position of someone who may not agree with the argument counterargument
Demonstrating why the counterargument is wrong refutation
Who will be affected by the topic. Who will read the essay. audience
Also known as claim Thesis statement
First paragraph where you will hook the reader introduction
Paragraph that introduces the reason that your claim is valid Body Paragraph 1
Paragraph that introduces the second reason that your claim is valid Body Paragraph 2
Paragraph that introduces an opposing claim Body Paragraph 3
Last paragraph that restates the thesis statement conclusion
The first sentence in each paragraph that tells you what the paragraph is talking about topic sentence
words that show the relationships among the ideas in a piece of writing transition

les salutations ( french greetings ) Crossword


Good morning Bonjour
Have a nice afternoon Bon après-midi
Good afternoon Bonsoir
Goodnight Bonne nuit
Hi / Hello Salut
goodbye Au revoir
See you later A tout à l'heure
See you soon A bientôt
See you tomorrow A demain
Have a nice weekend Bon weekend
Have a nice day Bonne journée
Mister Monsieur
Mrs. Madam
Miss Mademoiselle
Yes oui
Non No
Good luck Bonne chance
Please ( formal ) S'il vous plaît
Please ( informal ) S'il te plaît
Excuse me / Sorry Pardon
I'm sorry je suis désolé(e)
Thank you Merci
You are welcome je vous en prie
What's your name? ( formal ) Comment vous appelez-vous?
What's your name? ( informal ) Comment t'appelles-tu
My name is... Je m'appelle
Nice to meet you enchanté(e)
How are you? ( formal ) Comment allez-vous
How are you? ( informal ) Comment vas tu
I am fine ça va bien
I am doing very good ça va très bien
I am okay ça va pas mal
I am doing bad ça va mal
I am doing so so ça va comme ci comme ça
I am doing ça va
I am not doing good ça ne va pas
...and you? ( formal ) Et vous
... and you ( informal ) Et toi
What's up? comment ça va

Safety in the Lab Crossword


This item puts out fires, you use it in a wafting motion. Fire Extinguisher
This protects your eyes from harmful liquids, chemicals, gases, etc. goggles
This is used to flush harmful substances out of your eyes. eyewashstation
These are located on the science lab ceiling, they are used to put spray out fires. sprinklers
Girls should always have their hair pulled back in a ________________. ponytail
If your dealing with harmful things it would be smart to wear these on your hands. gloves
This covers your body it is used to prevent chemicals or other substances from getting onto you. apron
This wraps around you to put out a fire. fireblanket
You van stand under this to wash harmful substances off of you or to take out a fire off of you. shower
This is an extra exit just in case the main exit is blocked by something that is not supposed to be there, it can also be used for and extra escape. emergency exit
You should always wear _______________ toed shoes. closed
True or False? Horseplay in the lab is okay. false
You should always tell your ______________ if something breaks in the lab. teacher
Always follow _______________ in the lab. instructions
True or False? It is not okay to mix random chemicals. true
Yes or No? You should always keep a clean work space while working in the lab? yes