This body came into operation in january 1948 and is responsible for international tariff bargaining. (4)
Famous economists Robert M. Solow, R. Frisch and Elinor Ostrom have this in common. (5-5)
What is the study of analysis of the optimal behaviour of individual customer at the level of society as a whole called? (7-9)
Consequences for welfare or opportunity costs not fully accounted for in the price and market system. (11)
Tax cuts and increased government spendings are an example of? (6-6)
It doesn't trade on exchanges, it is a derivative contract through which two parties exchange financial instrument which can be anything but the principal amount doesn't change hands. (4)
The practice of “fare trade” and “beggar-thy-neighbour” policy. (11)
A binding contract (just like a bond or stock) that gives the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying asset at a specific price on or before a certain date. (6)
The imposition of tariffs, quotas or other devices to restrct the inflow of imports. (10)
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development + International Development Association= ? (5-4)
What is the ultimate goal of all economic activities? (7)
What would lead into stabilized human population and use of renewable resources only? (11-11)
What am I doing if I am buying a product in london at $6 and selling it in argentina for $8? (9)
Exclusion from international trade (7)
According to law, you cannot be a director of a limited company in UK, then you are an undischarged . (8)
The cartel of petroleum producing companies. (4)
Setting up of mathematical models describing economic relationships and testing their validity is called . (12)
The simultaneous existence of unemployment and inflation. (11)
A reduction in the useful life of a capital good or consumer durable good through economic or technological change. (12)
A proposition that is being subject to precise statistical verification. (4-10)
The practical costs that are incurred by producers in having to change their prices. (4-4)
Who invented the expression elasticity (economics) ? (6-8)
Another word for homogeneous (8)
Name the regulation which defines the minimum capital adequacy ratio. (5)
Another word for gold market. (7-6)
The process by which an increase in government borrowing displaces private spending. (8-3)
Oppotunity costs which have to be borne even if no output is produced. (11-5)
Opportunity cost incurred in the past which are irrelevant and therefore not relevant to current decisions. (4-5)
The tool which aids sale and purchase of funds through the sale of short term securities on condition that they'll be repurchased at a given date. (4)
The combination of losing state benefit entitlment and paying taxes, due to which poor families keep very little of what they earn. (7-4)

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