The acute angle formed between the direction of a blood drop and plane of the surface it strikes
Angle of impact
Bloodstain patterns resulting from blood exiting the body under pressure from a breached artery
Arterial spurting pattern
Blood directed back towards the source of energy or force that caused the spatter
Back spatter
Evidence that liquid blood has come into contact with a surface
Rings in blood that result when blood containing air bubbles dries and retains the bubble's circular configuration as a dried outline
Bubble rings
That point where force encounters a source of blood
Impact site
The path of the blood dro, as it moves through space, from the impact site to the target
Flight path
A bloodstain pattern which results from blood dripping into blood
Drip pattern
An a sense of strains in an otherwise continuous bloodstain pattern
A surface upon which blood has been deposited
A drop of blood from which a wave, cast-off, or satellite spatter
Parent drop
The pointed or elongated stains which radiate away from the central area of bloodstains
Blood which has been reduced to a fine spray, as a result of the energy or force applied to it
That blood which has been dispersed as a result of force applied to a source of blood
Bloodstain drop created or formed by the force of gravity acting along
Passive drop
The deflection of blood after impact with a target surface that results in straining of a second target surface
Blood which travels in the same direction as the source of energy or force which caused the spatter
Forward spatter
The trajectory of a blood drop which can be established by its angle of impact and directionality angle
Direction of flight
Blood in the barrel of a firearm that has been drawn backward into the muzzle
Drawback effect
Bloodstain pattern created when blood receives a blow or force resulting in the random dispersion of smaller drips of blood
Impact pattern
Indicates the direction the blood was traveling when it impacted the target surface
Blood that is blown out of the nose as a result of air pressure and air flow which is the propelling force
Expirated blood
A bloodstain pattern created when blood is released or thrown from a bloodbearing object in motion
Castoff pattern
A change in the shape and direction of a bloodstain due to the influence of gravity or movement of the object
Flow pattern