The way a new organism is produced from one organism.
Asexual Reproduction
A structure in the nucleus that contains hereditary material.
Two sex cells come together to produce a new organism.
Sexual Reproduction
A section of DNA on a chromosome that contains the instructions for making a specific protein.
Genetic makeup of an organism.
Factor that dominates, or covers up, another factor.
Dominant Trait
The way an organism looks and behaves as a result of its geneotype.
A tool used to predict the number of times certain traits will occur.
Punnett Square
Factor that disappears if a dominant trait is present.
Recessive Trait
Biological and chemical methods to change the arrangement of DNA that makes up a gene.
Genetic Engineering
Feature that an organism inherits.
The study of how traits are inherited through the interactions of alleles.
A plant that receives different genetic information for a trait from each parent.
Monohybrid Cross