a set of regulations under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act.
A one size fits all approach to instruction
No Child Left Behind
universal screening tests that take place in the Tier One general education program
Benchmark Assessment
federal law states that children placed in general education classroom who have special needs must be acknowledged
Small Group Intervention - to meet the needs of students who have not made satisfactory progress.
Tier Two
Teachers purposely pause to offer students time to think and respond
Wait Time
abbreviation for Vygotsky's view of social constructivism that addresses children's cognitive development
The name for those children who read above grade level or several grades above their expected age level
Intensive Intervention-students who do not make enough progress in tier two
Tier Three
Regular and systematic progress of students in all tiers
Progress Monitoring
Type of assessment used with students who fail to reach the cut score in Tier One assessment
RTI programs are organized around a _________________ system.
Multi Tier
The text avoids using terms such as retarded or handicapped
A term used to describe students whose school achievement is below expectation
At Risk
a term for students who can speak Standard American English and the dialect of their family
Also known as African American Vernacular English
U.S. Supreme Court decision that said equal education did not result from providing the exact same education to all children
Lau v. Nichols
When a teacher purposely calls all the attention to one student
One in ________ students in American classrooms is African American
It is rare for a classroom to have a single cultural or ethnic group due to America's _________