Invented the cotton gin and interchangeable parts
Eli Whitney
Worked in law, politics, land speculation, etc.
Andrew Jackson
Parts mass-produced that are exactly alike
Interchangeable parts
A new political party that backed the ideas of the American System
Whig party
Jackson's VP. He called the 1828 tariff a Tariff of Abominations
John C Calhoun
Bank closings and the collapse of the credit system
Panic of 1837
Whig Party candidate, portrayed as an aristocrat
William Henry Harrison
John C. Calhoun's name for an 1828 tariff increase
Tariff on Abominations
The production of goods in the largest quantities possible.
Mass production
The marches where the Cherokee people were forcibly moved from GA to the Indian territory
Trail of Tears
Harrison's VP and successor, opposed many parts of the Whig program
John Tyler