Who demonstrated the first musket made with interchangeable parts?
Eli Whitney
Parts that are made exactly
Interchangeable parts
Production of goods in large quantities
Mass production
Helped to set south on a different course of development
Cotton gin
Promoted it as the American System
Henry clay
Would untie the nations economic interests
American system
Began in 1811, extended to Cumberland
National road
Linked the Great Lakes to Atlantic Ocean
Erie Canal
Chief political opponent
Andrew Jackson
Forerunner of today's democratic party
Democratic Republican Party
In which incoming officials throw out former appointees and replace them with friends
Spoils system
Provide funds and negotiate treaties that force native Americans west
Indian removal act
Cherokee buried 25% of their people
Trail of tears
Massachusetts senator
Daniel Webster
Jacksons Vice President
John c Calhoun
A disgusting and loathesome tariff
Tariff of abominations
National bank chartered for 20 years by the United States congress
Bank of the United States
Backed by the ideals of the American system
Whig party
Vice President of Andrew Jackson
Martin van burch
Bank closings and collapse of credit system
Panic of 1837
Whig party candidate
William Henry Harrison
Harrison's Vice President and successor
John Tyler