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Kitchen Safety Crossword

Kitchen Safety Crossword

Always clean up ____ or broken glass immediately
Never ____ in a kitchen or food laboratory
Never light a ____ near a gas leak
Call the ____ ____ if there is a gas leak
Do not leave anything ____ near a stove
Make sure to not wear ____ clothing near the stove
Make sure to keep stove tops free of
Use ____ to pick up hot pans
Turn pot handles to the ____ to avoid getting bumped
Never let ____ near the stove unsupervised
Cut ____ from your body
Keep products in original
Make sure to tie ____ back before cooking
Always have a ____ ____ in your kitchen
Never stick a metal object in the
Always keep a copy of ____ numbers on the fridge
Never leave in the sink
Before working in the kitchen, wash your
____ ____ appliances as soon as you are done with them
To clean up broken glass, use a ____ paper towel

Lab Safety and Equipment Crossword

Lab Safety and Equipment Crossword

Keeping hair out of face.
A station where you can wash your eyes out when you do something stupid.
It is like a telescope but instead of seeing far away you can see up close and personal with this.
A glass tube with a ruber bulb at the end.
A container or bottle, fat at the bottom and skinny in the neck.
That red cylidner thing attached to the wall that has white foam stuff in it.
A pair of pincers or tweezers.
The thing that keeps track of time for you, no not a clock.
This is called not being a jerk and picking up after yourself because your teacher already has to watch you for an hour, don't make their job any harder than it has to be.
This is what you hold the substances that you are testing in.
A flat wooden stick with mesurements on it, not a meter or yard stick.
Glsses you wear to protect your eyes, regular glasses don't count.
Open flamed cylinder object.
A substance that has been purified.
The little cylinder like thing that tests the tempersture of an object.
A protective blanket used incase a flame appears.
The thin clear sheet that you put on top of something that is on a slide.
It is like a burner but with a silver plate on top.
This is a situation where you did something wrong and you need help right away.
That really pretty dancing light that you want to touch, but when you do touch it, it hurts like heck "OWW! BAD SQUISHY, BAD SQUISHY!"
Cleaning your hands with water, because this is common sense, after dealing with chemicals.
Kepping away from danger.
The thing you wear to protect your clothes.

Kitchen Safety-Crossword: Water you doing? Start.

Kitchen Safety-Crossword: Water you doing? Start.

Never put knives in a sink ________ with dishwater.
Clean up ________ immediately.
________ knifes are more likely to slip and cause cuts.
_______ is not allowed during a food lab.
________ must be tied back.
it is important to be aware of various types of kitchen ________.
Loose Fitting ________ is not be worn.
Wear an ________ to prevent your clothes from getting dirty.
Water and ________ usually don't mix.
A fire requires this to burn.
Ovenmitts and potholders must be ________.
High temperatures of fat can cause a _________.
The hazardous symbol with a skull means it's ________.
The hazardous symbol of a flame means it's ________.
________ of containers according to instructions.
Always read and follow ________.
The worst way to put out a grease fire is by using ________.
The best way to put out a grease fire is by using _________.
When you've got a burn, _________ run the burn under cold running water.
Heat protection
Use _________ to prevent burns.
Always clean up spills to avoid ________.
You can get burned from ________ hot oil.
Use a ________ to extinguish an electrical fire.
During an oven fire, _______ the oven door.
Use water or a _______ to put out a fire on fabric.
_______ can also help get rid of a fire on fabric.
________ an outlet can cause a fire.
________ can be a hazardous chemical.
Used to clean an oven.
Another hazardous chemical.
Help cleans the drain.
________ should not be left in the kitchen unattended.
Keep hazardous chemicals out of reach of children and _______.
Cover the bleeding wound with a ________ cloth.
Turn off _______ when not using it.
Frayed or broken cords can cause a ________ , a shot, or a fire.
________ knifes are most likely to slip.
Never ________ in the kitchen.
Keep cupboard doors and kitchen drawers ______

Lab Safety & Lab Equipment Crossword

Lab Safety & Lab Equipment Crossword

used to transfer a liquid dropwise
always clean up and ___________your hands when you are done
discard any chemical ________ as instructed by your teacher
a multipurpose clamp
flammable and __________material ( fuel that can burn)
used to hold a beaker if it is hot or if the beaker contains a dangerous material
used for heating
never use ____that is broken, cracked or chipped
do not _______ when doing a lab
extremely_________ material (ex. nitroglycerin)
used to secure equipment using clamps
used to perform small scale chemical tests
used for igniting a Bunsen burner
functions as a cork
used to hold a test tube if it is hot or if the tube contains a dangerous material
used to stir/mix chemicals
used when transferring solid or liquid chemicals to prevent spilling (also used when filtering)
______________material (helps something burn)
used to transfer a granular or powdered solid
multipurpose cylindrical container
workplace hazardous materials information system
always wear these unless your teacher tells you otherwise
used to perform small scale chemical tests and can be stoppered
avoid sudden or rapid _____________ when working in the lab
when heating a test tube point the mouth of the tube _____________ from you and others, and do not focus heat at one spot for too long
used to measure temperature
keep your workspace organized and free of ____________
_____________ material (infectious agents)
used to measure volume precisely and accurately
used to hold many test tubes at a time
done to the vapours if you need to smell a chemical
multipurpose y-shaped container that can be stoppered and swirled
do not ________ or touch a chemical
used to move the crucible/cover
always follow your teacher's _____________
used for 15 minutes when a substance/chemical comes in contact with your eye
hazardous household product symbols
________________ material (can damage both living tissue and and nonliving material)
do not pull on this to unplug something
a clay triangular item used to support the crucible over a Bunsen burner
used to support a beaker on the ring clamp, while heating
sheet that should accompany every chemical in the workplace

Crisscrossed Kitchen Crossword

Crisscrossed Kitchen Crossword

When washing your hands, you should always use _____ and water.
Never put sharp items or _____ in he dishwasher to soak.
Never use your apron or a _____ to remove hot items from the oven, stovetop, or microwave.
Water and this item never go together. Make sure hands are dry before plugging in appliances.
Objects that could catch fire easily are considered?
Falls, cuts, electrical shock, and _____ are the main types of kitchen accidents.
To put out a grease fire inside a skillet, place a _____ lid on top.
Doing this to an appliance cord is unsafe and could enable fraying of the cord.
Never use this to put out a greaes fire.
What kitchen tool should you always use when cutting items?
It is not safe to wear long or _____ clothing while cooking.
Never use these to clean up broken glass.
Always use one of these to remove hot items from the oven, stovetop, or microwave.
Never consume raw or undercooked _____ in the FACS kitchen.
You should use a _____ to obtain hard to reach items.
Before you try to pry foods out of the toaster, _____ it.
Every kitchen should have one of these.
When removing the lid of a pot or pan, tilt the lid _____ from you to avoid getting a steam burn.
Always keep your knives _____. They are safer than dull knives.
How should cupboard doors and drawers be kept to avoid accidents?
A knife _____ is a great item to use to store sharp knives.
Pot and pan handles sould be turned toward the _____ of the stovetop.
Long _____ should be kept tied back when cooking.
These should be cleaned up immediately

Kitchen Safety Crossword

Kitchen Safety Crossword

do not use food from cans that are leaking, bulged or _______________
Extinguish a grease _______ with baking soda.
Make sure matchse are out by running water over them before you ______ them away
A safety hazard that is cause by hot objects are _______
____________ occur when something is on the floor that shouldn't be
When handling hot pans, be sure to use ___________ holders and not damp dish towels or wash cloths
Handle all ___________ equipment with dry hands
When tasting food, never pu the tasting ________- back into the food
____________ objects and knives should be stored seperately to prevent cuts.
Cutting boards need to be scrubbed thoroughly with a cleanser containing _____________.
Keep _____ foods above 140 degrees until serving time.
You should ________ all accidents that happen in the class to the teacher.
Always wash _____________ before cooking and if you touch something with germs.
Do not buy food in ________ jars or jars with bulging lids
Tilt ______ of pots and pans towards you so that steam will not burn your hands or face
Proper first-aid for severe bleeding is _______ pressure.
_____________ knives are dangerous because they require more pressure to cut foods.
Keep these cold and do not buy cracked or soiled ones. ______
Always use a cutting ___________ to cut your foods on while cooking.
The type of burn where the skin is red and blisters form is called a ___________ degree burn.
One of three rules to remember about keeping food safe it to keep it _______.
Fo an electrial fire, use a _____________ fire extinguisher.
You should do this immediately when food is spilledo nthe floor. _______ up
Always ________ matches away from you and hold them upright so the flame burns more slowly.
An ounce of _______ is worth a pound of cure
This may happen to an electrical circuit if too many applliances are used at the same time.
A type of safety hazard that is cause by share objects is ____________
One way to keep food safe is to keep _______ foods _______. (same word)
Learn to cut ________ from you when cutting food or peeling vegetables.

Workplace Safety Crossword Puzzle

Workplace Safety Crossword Puzzle

A type of PPE worn to prevent exposure to toxic fumes and vapors?
Something you must do prior to handling/preparing food?
What you wear in a laboratory to protect your eyes from chemicals?
This keeps you from inhaling dust and other harmful particles in the air?
A document you refer to if you've been exposed to a hazardous chemical?
DOC requires workers complete an 03-133 report to document what?
It is your _______________ to work safely and report hazards
Entering a confined space requires an __________________ to be present at all time?
A biological hazard found in hospitals?
Workers who wear a respirator must be clean __________?
Annual in-service training is important because it keeps you up to date on DOC safety ____________?
Area safety and sanitation inspections are required _____________?
Mosquitos sometimes carry this virus?
Safety policies can be found here.
To avoid slipping on stairs, always hold onto ______________?
You should not drink this prior to working in extreme heat?
You wear a ____________ to protect your head from falling objects?
DOC's #1 priority?
Overloading this warehouse equipment can be very dangerous?
Wearing these in the winter helps prevent slipping on ice and snow?
DOC's #1 injury is caused by these?

Personal Hygiene Crossword

Personal Hygiene Crossword

I do this once a day to remove food in between my teeth.
I put clean clothes on every day, especially this!
I never do this into my hands. I use a tissue whenever possible.
I do this before eating, after using the bathroom, sneezing or playing with pets.
Keep this neat by styling and brushing.
I clean these often so I don't get wax in them.
Keeping my body __________ is an important part of staying healthy.
Always get your beauty _________.
Do this to avoid gingivitis, cavities and bad breath.
I trim these weekly. I keep them short and clean.
Doing this every day or two is a must, and always after sports practice or playing outside.
I always use this when I wash my hands and body.
My hair always smells so fresh and clean when I use ______________.
I always try to keep fresh ____________ in my purse.
It's also nice to keep a ______________ in my purse.
Before you go to bed don't forget to wash your _________.

Cupcake Crossword Puzzle

Cupcake Crossword Puzzle

Person who makes cupcakes for a living
Store that sells breads and pastries
tool used to scrape batter out of bowl
Stir your batter with a wooden _____.
This flavouring smells sweet but tastes bitter on your tongue.
Bake your cupcakes in an _____.
Don't touch a hot tray of cupcakes unless you are wearing oven _____
Edible decorations on top of cupcakes
Small unit of measurement used in baking
Crack these into the bowl but don't get shells in the batter!
_____ makes your batter sweet.
Cupcakes are not a main course. They are for _________.
A cake mix makes ___ done cupcakes.
Twelve cupcakes equal a _____.
The sweet topping on a cupcake is called _____.
To make chocolate cupcakes you need to have _____ in the batter.
This magazine is called "_______________ cupcakes."
TV's Cake Boss is a man named _____ Valastro.
Put a candle on your cupcake if it is your __________.
A cupcake without icing is a ___________.
A small iced cake is called a ______________.
There are at least 350 of these in a cupcake
Pour the _______ into the cupcake tins then bake.
Don't leave your cupcakes in the oven too long or they will ____.
After eating cupcakes you need to brush your _____.
When baking, keep your clothes clean by wearing an _______.
Don't ice hot cupcakes. Let them ____ first.
When you finish your cupcake the only thing left on your plate are ________.
Cupcakes taste great with a glass of cold _____.
What room in the house do you bake in?

Safe Workplaces Crossword

Safe Workplaces Crossword

occupational health and safety
Rules for workers
anything to do with work
anywhere you do your job
Workplace health and Safety
Steps you take to complete your work tasks
Tell this person about danger at work
Don't lift goods over this limit
Wear these when giving First Aid to someone for a cut
Use this to alert customers to a wet floor
When lifting always bend from this part of the body
Always use this to stop tripping on an extension lead on the floor
Never lead cartons on the floor because people can .... on them
Use this to carry heavy loads
When not using a Stanley knife always withdraw this
All employees must wear this in many workplaces
A First Aid kit should always be kept in a ...... place
Employees must follow these procedures if there is a fire, accident or emergency
Work together to keep your workplace ....
people who buy things from a store are called.........
Different stores use different safety ........