People who campaigned to end slavery,
Supported the secret route that escaped enslaved African Americans took.
Harriet Tubman
secret rout that ecaped enslaved African Americans took.
Underground Railroad
Led a raid on the United States Armory at Harpers Ferry, VA. He was captured and hanged in 1859.
John Brown
Elected President in 1860.
Abraham Lincoln
It was formed when southern states seceded from the union after the election of Abraham Lincoln.
Confederate States of America
It was formed from a disagreement on Slavery, eastern counties of Va relied on slavery and the western counties did not favor slavery.
West Virginia
The period following the Civil War in which Congress passed laws designed to help rebuild the country and bring the southern states back into the union.
A government agency that provided food, schools, and medical care for freed African Americans and others in Va.
The Freedman's Bureau
System common in Va after the war in which freedom and poor white farmers rented land from landowners by promising to pay the owners with a share of the crops.
The separation of people usually based on race or religion.
An unfair difference in the treatment of people.
Laws passed in southern states that made it legal to establish segregation, or separation of the races and reinforced prejudices held by whites.
Jim Crow Laws
Money charged to be able to vote in an election.
Poll Tax
The key to the expansion of business, agriculture, and industry. They facilitated the growth of small towns into cities.
Coal was discovered in Tazewell County.
Coal Deposits
Farming and manufacturing of tobacco products became important industries.