Protection or promotion of interests of the consumers ( The belief that its good for people to spend money on goods and services )
A particular market that the product is trying to be sold to
Target market
A set of symbols, colors, images that represent a company and its products
The ability to sell goods and services
Buying power
The ability of a consumer to obtain goods without payment based on the trust that you will pay in the future.
A fee that has been charged to someone. As they don't pay they have to charge you overtime (Annual percentage Rate APR)
An increase in prices and fall in purchasing value of money
Amount of money in circulation within a system decreases causing the purchasing value of money.
A document, you fill out online to apply for finical aid from the government.
Failure to pay a loan
The act of taking position of something, usually the collateral when buyers defaults the payment.
Something pledged as security for repayment as a loan, to be forfeited in event of a default
Failure to pay taxes, may result in jail time.
Tax evasion
while filing your taxes, if you are not married... your?
Taxes imposed on imports and exports
Keeping track of all your receipts, for deductions is...?
A fee the government takes from all goods, services, income, etc, to pay for public roads, libraries, schools etc.
Paying as little amount of taxes as possible without getting in trouble with the government.
Tax avoidance
How much money it takes to make the product
Production cost

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