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Crossword Puzzle Bread & Pastry

Crossword Puzzle Bread & Pastry

Flour mixture for bread and pastry
Making bread and pastry?
Nevertheless, 20 went missing for bread and butter
Ancient grain ground into flour and used to make non-gluten-free foods including bread, pasta and pastry
Right seed mixture for grass plants
Cereal plant the grain of which is used for bread and fodder / fermented and distilled and made into whiskey
Spreads for bread
The French speak up for bread
For bread, dough is the wherewithal
Revealed a new recipe for bread
Registers for bread
Hollow thanks for bread
Essential ingredient for bread
A chit sure to be exchanged for bread and wine
The old stay out for bread and beer
Legible order for bread and ale
- fours; small French fancy biscuits or bite-sized cakes often made with ingredients including choco
Get prison out of cell for bread and cheese perhaps? As the saying goes, there's no such thing!
Fat and flour mixture
Hit a flour mixture
Inviting rum and cacao mixture for the whole round
Ancient grain ground into flour and used to make non-gluten-free foods including bread, pasta and pastry
Tools of a trade
Source of eggs around? Finally cook pie and pastry
Stove compartment for baking and roasting
Tools of the trade for Torvill and Dean
Part of a catcher's 'tools of ignorance'
Browned, as bread
Like a bread dough failure, perhaps
Gets hard, as bread
As bread might be, for example, with the crusts cut off genteelly
Common sizes are 9” x 5” or 8 1/2” x 4 1/2”. Keep in mind that shiny pans reflect heat so baking time is generally longer. You’ll also get lighter crusts than breads baked in dark pans that absorb heat.
is used to knead dough with hand or stationary mixers right in the bowl. Use the flat paddle to mix the ingredients, and then switch to the dough hook for the kneading step.
If you purchase one to mix dough, you’ll find many other uses for it
Don’t “eyeball” the amount you need. Use measuring spoons and cups for accuracy. Level off dry ingredients with a knife or straight edge.
Any sturdy, 4-quart capacity bowl is fine.
Any sturdy, 4-quart capacity bowl is fine.
his tool makes it easy to apply egg washes and thin glazes, and ensures even application.
Keep on hand to cover the dough as it rises. Plastic wrap should be sprayed with cooking spray on the side of the wrap facing the dough.
you can use a can or other type of cylinder to roll out dough.
Because it’s flexible, you can scrape dough from the sides of the bowl without scratching it.
Helpful when you need to measure dough after it has been rolled.
It’s the best for cutting bread
When you bake with yeast, it’s crucial that water temperature is accurate. Water that is too hot can kill your yeast.
Especially important to measure the resting time of dough precisely.
The steam that builds up in the pan can make bread loaves soggy. A wire cooling rack helps bread cool down when it’s just come out of the oven.
a long handled spoon is required; either wood or metal will do.
Heavy commercial sheet pans are 13 gauge aluminum. However, sheet pans of all sizes come in other gauges also. The lower the gauge, the heavier the aluminum and the more expensive the sheet pan.
a variety of sizes and weights. They can be plastic or wood. Heavier ones will last longer and provide more stability.

Culinary Terms- 1 Crossword

Culinary Terms- 1 Crossword

cooked so as to be still firm when bitten
an appetizer typically consisting of olives, anchovies, cheeses, and meats
cook food by dry heat without direct exposure to a flame, typically in an oven or on a hot surface
pour juices or melted fat over meat during cooking in order to keep it moist
foods that have been formed into long narrow shapes, appearing stick-like and somewhat similar to a baton
a semiliquid mixture of flour, egg, and milk or water used in cooking, especially for making cakes or for coating food before frying
To smoothen a mixture by briskly whipping or stirring it with a spoon, fork, wire whisk, rotary beater, or electric mixer
To thicken a sauce or hot liquid by stirring in ingredients such as eggs, flour, butter, or cream
smooth, creamy, highly seasoned soup of French origin
used in the preparation of fish and other foods and cooked in a very hot cast-iron skillet
To cook in a liquid that has reached its highest possible temperature of 212°F
Any broth made by cooking meat, poultry, fish, or vegetables in water
is a combination-cooking method that uses both moist and dry heats
a kind of food made of flour or meal that has been mixed with milk or water, made into a dough or batter, with or without yeast or other leavening agent, and baked
To cover with sauce
To chop, grind, or cut into small pieces
A mixture made up of diced vegetables
To heat with sugar and spices to make a hot drink
A French term describing the coating of a prepared dish with sauce
A knife cut with two angled sides
Scarps from a remaining meal
Fry in a pan with a small amount of oil
a sandwich made with Italian bread, usually toasted
Trim something by cutting away the outer edges
Scoop fruit of vegetables in ball shape
A smooth creamy substance made of liquidized or crushed fruits or vegetables
a mixture of fat and flour used in making sauces
General purpose knife for slicing, dicing, and mincing
Fried quickly in a little amount of hot fat
A straight sided pan
Milk at the point before boiling
Cooking at a high temperature until caramelized crust forms
Teeth on the blades so it won't squish the ripe fruits
When you put hot food under ice water to stop cooking process
Remove the top fat layer from liquids
A thickening mixture that is made up of equal parts flour and water
When the food is vacuum packed, emerged in water bath and cooked at a constant temperature
The combination of solid food ingredients that have been cooked in liquid soup in restaurant gravy
A strained liquid that results from simmering meat and is used for soups or sauces
A gentle heating of vegetables in little oil or butter
A ring shaped pasta
A seven sided football like shapes
This small knife, similar to a paring knife, has a curved blade to make cutting the curved surfaces of tournéed vegetables easier
to make fast with skewers, thread, or the like, as the wings or legs of a fowl in preparation for cooking
To beat food with a whisk or mixer to incorporate air and produce volume

All about yeast breads Crossword

All about yeast breads Crossword

What leavens or causes dough to rise?
What is it called when dough rises with yeast?
What gives bread texture?
What temperature does yeast slow down?
What is the ideal temperature?
A mixture of flour, yeast and warm liquid that begins leavening action is called…?
What dough is made from water, sugar and yeast and consists of 0-1% fat and sugar?
what dough consists of 6-9% fat and sugar?
What can increase richness to dough?
What adds rich flavour and aroma?
What slows the leavening action of yeast in croissants?
What's the process of removing a portion of dough and is kept dormant for 8-24 hours and then added to the next day's bread?
Preferment .... Fermentation, colour and taste.
What's the action of turning the sides of the dough into the middle and turning the dough over?
What's it called to make shallow cuts in the surface of item before baking?
What's the process of making small holes in the surface of an item before baking called?
What causes yeast dough products to lose their freshness and loses the flavour of bread?
What temperature kills yeast?
Which pastry is sweeter and richer than croissant dough?
Which yeast method allows yeast to develope separately before mixing with all ingredients?
Which method calls for mixing all ingredients in a single step?
Which method of dough calls for breaking into steps/ which evenly distribute fat and sugar?
The final leavening effort occurring before internal temperatures become hot enough to kill yeast breads is called…?
Just like Italian loaves which other breads have thin and crispy crusts?
____ dough conditioners strengthen gluten and gives their dense structures.

Yeast Breads Medina Word Search

Yeast Breads Medina Word Search
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Chapter 8 Management Crossword Puzzle

Chapter 8 Management Crossword Puzzle

Used for pies, this dough is made of three parts flour, two parts fat, and one part water
Flour that falls between pastry and bread flour in regard to texture.
Flour always has a proportion of 100 percent, and the percentages of all other ingredients are calculated in relation to the flour.
Procedure for preparing a prebaked pie shell.
Versatile leavener that is a mixture of baking soda and an acid with an inactive material, like starch
Sodium bicarbonate; a chemical leavener that releases carbon dioxide gas when mixed with a liquid and an acid
Delicate creams made by combining three basic ingredients: vanilla sauce, gelatin, and whipped cream.
Instead of combining all the ingredients at once, rub or cut in the fat into the flour until the mixture is mealy or bumpy in appearance. This produces a stiff batter with a slightly chewier texture than that of more cake-like items.
White coating that sometimes appears on the surface of the chocolate and indicates that some of the cocoa butter has melted and then recrystallized on the surface.
Strong flour that is used for making breads, hard rolls, and any product that needs high gluten for a strong texture.
Vanilla and brown sugar added to caramel.
Flour with a low gluten content; a very soft, smooth texture; and a pure white color.
Cooked sugar caramelized with butter.
Occurs whenever sugar is used as an ingredient in baked items; the heat causes the sugar to turn a light brown (caramel) color.
Cocoa beans crushed into a paste that is completely unsweetened.
Family of sauces and syrups with cocoa or melted chocolate as the base.
Liquid from pressed cocoa liquor.
Solid from pressed cocoa liquor that is ground down
Fruit sauce made from fresh berries or other fruits.
(1) Beating fat and sugar together in order to introduce air into a batter as a leavener; (2) Process of mixing the fat and sugar together to produce a very fine crumb and a dense, rich texture.
Vanilla sauce for desserts.
Lumps that develop when exposed to too much heat.
To pierce a pie crust in several places with a fork
Stainless-steel bowl over water simmering on very low heat.
Hard wheat flour used to make breads; its gluten content is a little higher than that of typical bread flour.
Flavorful oils taken from such foods as vanilla, lemon, and almond.
Producing carbon dioxide gas and alcohol
Cocoa, spices, salt, extracts, and so on that affect a baked item's taste and color.
(1) Beating eggs, with or without sugar, in order to introduce air into a batter as a leavener; (2) Creating a foam of whole eggs, yolks, or whites provides the structure for the cake. This is used to make cakes with the lightest texture, such as angel food and chiffon cakes
Standardized recipes for bakery products

Yeast Crossword

Yeast Crossword

The amount the bread needs to rise before it is ready to bake
Gas used to leaven yeast breads.
Activation of Yeast
Flour that is recommended to be used when making breads
What is activated during the the kneaded?
Which ingredient regulates the action of the yeast?
The liquid that produces a softer crust
Yeast form that is made into granules.
The first step is to dissolve what in a small bowl when making yeast breads.
When working with yeast breads, only a small amount of what ingredient should be added?
When cooking with which type of bakeware do you need to lower the temperature 25 degrees?
Which ingredient will add flavor, color, richness, and improve the structure?
When should you take yeast breads out of the pan after baking?
When making the caramel rolls, how big were to roll the dough out to?
Bread flour contains higher amounts of what that will produce stronger and more elastic gluten.
Baking is an _____ and Science!
Cookies should be _______ before putting them onto the cooling rack after removing them from oven.
The purpose of this ingredient is the increase the yeast breads tenderness.

Baking Quiz 2 Crossword

Baking Quiz 2 Crossword

The process of beating fat and sugar together
Mixing method involving folding flour and other ingredients into an egg foam
Cookies made from soft dough or batter dropped on baking sheets with a spoon, scoop, or other measurment
Cookies for which rolls of dough are made in advance, refrigerated, and then sliced and baked as needed
Cookies for which the dough is spread out and baked in sheet pans and then cut in individual shapes
A batter that is liquid enough to pour
Mixing method in which combined liquid ingredients are mixed with combined dry ingredients; used for many muffins, quick breads, and pancakes
Mixing method involved rubbing solid fat into dry ingredients and then mixing with combined wet ingredients.
A condition of muffin products characterized by large, elongated holes, caused by overmixing
Dough that is low in fat and sugar
the process during which the volume of shaped dough increases due to fermenation
The rapid rise of yeast goods in the oven due to the production and expansion of trapped gases as a result of the oven heat
Dough into which a fat was incorporated in many layers by means of a rolling and folding procedure
the process by which yeast acts on carbohydrates to change them into carbon dioxide, gas, and alcohol


Word Search

parchment paper
almond extract
baking powder
cookie sheet
cooling rack
baking soda
brown sugar
rolling pin
piping bag

Leavening Agents Crossword Puzzle Word Search

Leavening Agents Crossword Puzzle Word Search
Word Search

Acidic Ingredients
Leavening Agents
Carbon Dioxide
Baking Powder
Pizza Dough
Warm Liquid
Baking Soda
Sour Cream

Yeast Breads Crossword

Yeast Breads Crossword

The three classes of bread are Deep-fat-fried, rolls, and ________?
What are the starch grains in the flour trapped by?
Milk provides many ________ that are not in water.
The ________________ of water is very important when making bread.
If _______ isn't added to yeast bread, the dough will be very sticky.
What causes the crust to brown?
What causes richer flavor?
Yeast converts sugar and flour into _____.
What is the process in which yeast breaks down sugars?
The more you knead, the less __________ you will have.
What causes the bread to rise?
After kneading, the dough should resemble _____________.
The dough should _______ in size.
To create a ________ loaf, cup your hands around the dough.
Different types of ______ have different amounts of gluten.
Too hot of _______ can kill the yeast.
At what temperature does fermentation stop?
When making an oval loaf, what shape should be made?
When making a round roll, where should it fit in your hand?
What do you do to see if the dough has been kneaded enough?