The best friend ever who (as of today) can legally drink Amelia
“Momma didn’t raise no ______” – Becca Bitch
In September Oktoberfest
The role in which Amelia frequently graces the stage GRANDMA
Banquet award shared with Kristen Ambiguouslygayduo
Delphine herself Maddie
All hail our _______ overlord Duck
The third thing Dickinson saves Planet
On Wednesdays Gamenight
A game best played for an hour and a half while packing at the end of the year Betrayal
The subject of many a Sunday brunch chat Laundry
Paul of bread and baking fame Hollywood
Follows “Can’t stop the” or “Hooked on a” Feeling
The pride of both Todd and the Lorax Mustache
Angela Merkel since 2005 Chancellor
A verbal offering of the Wellness Center Therapy
Dickinson’s new Hooverville Tentcity
“Hey there demons, it’s me” yaboi
The most useless theatre class at Dickinson College dramaturgy
It is widely believed that Dickinson conspired to create COVID-19 to ensure this type of neutrality by 2020 Carbon
Where life is a fucking nightmare Deltaairlines
During COVID-19, these are often unprecedented, challenging, and uncertain Times
The food which betrays Ben Wyatt Calzones
Mulaney’s bulldog Petunia
Cool, even though it’s still murder Motive
Bed neighbor Sarah
Brotherly podcast personality Hank
Witty remarks go head to head Quiplash
Walking companion Quincy
The best PowerPoint topic MCU
Better than beer, ein maß ______ Radler
Banquet 2019 look Doc

Germany Crossword


Germanys National Drink Beer
Sour fermented cabbage Sauerkraut
Germany's capital city Berlin
Biggest lake in Germany Bodensee
A type of bread Brezel
Famous castle Neuschwanstein
Beer festival Oktoberfest
Thank you in German Danke
Current German chancellor Angela Merkel
Famous scientist Einstein
A country west of Germany France
Classical musician Beethoven
Famous writer Goethe

Marvel & Star Wars Crossword


Who plays Luke Skywalker in Star Wars? Mark Hamill
Which Star Wars film is the name 'Skywalker' not said? Rogue One
What was Andrew Garner's Inhuman alias? Lash
What is the first Marvel Studios film? (First MCU Film) Iron Man
What is Daisy Johnson's alter ego? Quake
Who is the Director of SHIELD? Mace
Who is directing Thor:Ragnarok? Taika Waititi
What is the name for the upcoming Avengers film? Infinity War
Who helped Jemma Simmons survive on Maveth? (the strange alien planet) Will
What the 'H' in SHIELD stand for? Homeland
Which character 'comes back to life' in Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back? Obi-Wan Kenobi
What name are the Clones given after the rise of the Empire? Stormtroopers
Who is the leader of Rogue One? Jyn Erso
Which iconic Star Wars character fails to stop Emperor Palpatine in Revenge of the Sith? Yoda
What is Ghostrider's (AoS) real name? Robbie
Which actor appears in Rogue One even though they died in 1994? Peter Cushing
Who plays Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Original Star Wars? Alec Guinness
Who plays Steve Rogers in the MCU? Chris Evans
Which Avenger will feature alongside Thor in Thor:Ragnarok? Hulk
How many people have played Bruce Banner in the MCU? Two
What is the name of the first Life Model Decoy? (AoS) AIDA
Which founding member of SHIELD died in Captain America:Civil War? Peggy Carter

Grey's Anatomy Crossword


The name of the lead female character Meredith Grey
His nickname is mcdreamy Derek Shepherd
Female cardio god Cristina Yang
He beat up DeLuca Alex Karev
Her nickname was 'the nazi' Miranda Bailey
She was a model to pay to be a surgeon Izzie Stevens
He got hit by a bus George O'Malley
He was in love with lexie grey Mark Sloan
She is bi-sexual and has a daughter named sofia Callie Torres
She is the best peds surgeon ever Arizona Robbins
He was chief of surgery in season 1 Richard Webber
She was a surgeon and she had alzimhers Eilis Grey
She is the daughter of Derek and Meredith and she's from Africa Zola
She died in a plane crash Lexie Grey
She is Merediths half sister and lexies sister Molly
She's the product of Eilis and Richard Maggie Pierce
She was alex's girlfriend until he beat up DeLuca Jo Wilson
He was cristina yangs first husband Preston Burke
He is married to ameila shepherd Owen hunt
She the new neuro god Amelia Shepherd
She put her hand in a bomb cavity Hannah Davies
He got his LVAD wire cut Denny Duquette
She was dereks first wife Addison Montgomery
Merders baby boy Derek Bailey Shepherd

Chapter 16 Haircutting Worksheet

Matching Worksheet

reference points in a haircut Design line
Widest part of the head starting at temples, ending at the bottom of the crown Parietal ridge
Protrudes at the base of the skull Occipital bone
Highest point of the head Apex
Hair that grows below the parietal ridge, or crest, hangs because of ____ Gravity
The area at the back part of the neck/ hair below occipital bone Nape
Triangular section of the head that begins at the apex and ends at the front corners Bang area
Element in creating a strong foundation and consistency in hair cutting and creating shapes is the use of______ Angles
The hair is prarted into working areas Sections
Elevation creates graduation and layers Degrees
Blunt or one-length 0
Building weight in haircut Below 90
Angle at which fingers are held when cutting the line that creates shape Cutting line
Guideline used in blunt, one length, or used in over direction to create a length or weight increase Stationary
Guide that involves a small slice from the previous subsection that’s moved to the next position Traveling guide
Used to create a length increase in the design of of graduated and layered haircuts Overdirection
Used to help make decisions about the best haircut for a client Face shape
How your client looks from the side Profile
Number of hairs per square inch Density
Thickness or diameter of each strand of hair. Fine medium coarse Texture
It needs weight and is limp Fine, thin hair
Used to Detangle hair Wide tooth comb
Shear that Adds increased blending Texturizing
Best way to control the subsection when cutting with a vertical or diagonal cutting line Palm-to-palm
Visual line in the haircut where the ends of the hair hang together Weight line
Should not be used on curly hair Razor

Emily Dickinson Crossword


ruler of high rank emperor
associated with a ruler imperial
betrayal of trust treason
monarch or ruler soverign
being held prisoner captivity
person who makes,sells hatter
causing mental pain agonizing
enough or more than enough ample
a device controlling fluid valves
providence or god devine
not affected by emotion unmove
respect mixed with fear awe

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Crossword


The object Tom Riddle's memory is in Diary
Name of the Slytherin Quidditch Seeker Draco Malfoy
Fred and George Weasley's best friend Lee Jordan
The name of Tom Riddle's monster Basilisk
What a person with wizard blood who can't do magic is called Squib
Who Tom Riddle became later in life Voldemort
Gamekeeper of Hogwarts and Harry's friend Hagrid
Name of the small Quidditch ball the Seeker finds Golden Snitch
An ingredient used in a potion to revive petrified people Mandrake
The spell that backfired on Lockhart Memory Charm
Headmaster of Hogwarts Albus Dumbledore
Head of Gryffindor and Transfiguration Professor Minerva McGonagall
An object that is invisible; Harry has one Invisibility Cloak
A spider that Hagrid used to care for Aragog
Harry's best friend Ron Weasley

The Lorax Crossword


The word the Lorax left behind unless
One of the items needed to visit the Once-ler nail
The name of the trees truffula
The birds are called the _ _ _ _ _ _-swans swomee
The trees smelled like _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ milk butterfly
"The touch of their tufts was much softer than ..." silk
The 'marvelous' invention thneed
The fish are called "_ _ _ _ _ _ _-fish" humming
The "Super-Axe-_ _ _ _ _ _" Hacker
The main character in the movie Ted
The main character's crush Audrey
The air company o'hare

COVID-19 Crossword


Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and _____ Mouth
You should wash your hands ________ Frequently
Older adults are at a _________ risk of more serious complications Higher
Use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% _________ Alcohol
Avoid close ______ with people who are sick Contact
Throw _______ tissues in the trash Used
Cover your mouth and nose when you __________ Sneeze
Clean and _________ frequently touched surfaces Disinfect
If you think you have COVID-19 you should ______ your Doctor Call
The virus may last on metal surfaces for up to 12 _______ Hours

Lorax Word Search

Word Search

Whisper ma phone
Once ler
Dr Seuss

MCU Crossword


Peter Quill's Father EGO
Rocket; Raccoon TRASHPANDA
Holds the Stones GAUNTLET
How many Infinity Stones SIX
Used on Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers SUPERSOLDIERSERUM
First word in S.H.I.E.L.D. STRATEGIC
The war that Captain America fought in WORLDWARTWO
Ancient One's Temple KAMARTAJ
In Vision's forehead MINDSTONE
Iron Man's suit; Captain's shield TITANIUM ALLOY
Hometown of Spiderman QUEENS
Produced by Wakanda VIBRANIUM
What's in Iron Man's Chest ARCREACTOR
Gamora species ZENWHOBERIS
Where the Collector is found KNOWHERE
Thor's Hammer MJOLNIR
War Machine Identity JAMESRHODES
What Bruce Banner was exposed to making him the Hulk GAMMARADIATION
World's best assassin NATASHAROMANOFF
Creator of Marvel STANLEE
Giant Robot used to control Hulk VICTORIA
Master of the... MYSTIC ARTS
Nickname for Stark Tower BLUEJAY
The _____ twins MAXIMOFF
Where Thanos is from TITAN
Loki species FROSTGIANT
Actor that plays Dr. Strange BENEDICTCUMBERBATCH