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Nutrition Chapter 8 Crossword

Nutrition Chapter 8 Crossword

Substances that the body needs to regulate bodily functions, promote growth, repair body tissues, obtain energy.
A chemical process by which your body breaks down food to release energy.
Energy measured in units.
Nutrients made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.
A type of complex carbohydrate that is found in plants.
Supplies the body with energy, forms your cells, maintain body temperature.
A waxy, fatlike substance found only in animal products.
They play a large role in the growth and repair of your body's tissues.
Helps the body with various processes, including the use of other nutrients.
Help protect healthy cells from the damage caused by the normal aging process.
Occur naturally in rocks and soil.
Your body is about 65% made up of this nutrient.
The process of maintaining a steady state inside your body.
These are contained water that regulate many processes in your cells.
A serious reduction in the body's water content.
The proteins in your body are made up of these.
A condition in which the red blood cells do not contain enough hemoglobin.
Are solid at room temperature.
Are liquid at room temperature.
Helps maintain water balance; nerve function.

A Healthy Life 4.1 Worksheet

A Healthy Life 4.1 Worksheet
Matching Worksheet

What is a carbohydratate?
What are simple carbohydrates?
Cleans the intestinal walls
This is used to build and repair cells.
20 different building blocks
Transport vitamins through the bloodstream
Eating these can lead to heart disease.
These originate from living things.
Maintains your connective tissue.
Helps your eyesight
Essential for normal metabolism of the body's cells
Strengthens bones and teeth
Helps protect cells from damage
Calcium, potassium and iron
Is needed in your blood for muscle contraction
Helps muscles move correctly
Enables the blood to carry oxygen around the body
Without this you could only survive a few days
Food energy is measured in this unit
fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, dairy
Make up 1/2 of your diet
At least half of all these should be whole
In order to maintain a ____ ___ ___ the calories consumed must equal the calories eaten
The lack of proper nutrition

Nutrients and Digestion Crossword

Nutrients and Digestion Crossword

Main source of energy
Total process of breakdown, absorption, and transfer of nutrients
Comes from the sun
Mechanical process that happens in the mouth during digestion
Helps the eyes and skin
makes energy and red blood cells
found in citrus fruits
rebuilds cell membranes and found in lotions
sending of nutrients in the digestion process
secondary source of energy
our body is made up of 70% of this
happens in the small intestines from what the body wants to keep
helps fight illness
responsible for the transfer of oxygen in blood
Promotes strong bones
needed for muscle growth and production

Nutrients Crossword

Nutrients Crossword

Macro nutrient
deficiency disease vitamin A
deficiency disease vitamin D
source of vitamin d
source of vitamin e, many people have allergies to this
the vitamin that helps blood clot
deficiency disease of calcium
deficiency disease of iron
fat soluble vitamins
water soluble vitamins
a macro nutrient
helps prevent bowel disease and constipation
the function of this vitamin is to release energy from food and health nerves
the function of this vitamin is to heal cuts and wounds
deficiency disease of vitamin b
deficiency disease of vitamin c
another name for vitamin c
another deficiency disease of vitamin b
a source of vitamin b from an animal
a citrus source of vitamin c
a mineral found in the bones of tinned fish
the RDA of this nutrient if 25-35g aday
iron makes this substance in the blood, it helps carry oxygen
this vitamin helps absorb calcium
this vitamin helps absorb iron
this mineral helps make teeth strong
this mineral controls water balance in the body
this mineral combines with calcium for strong bones and teeth
we should drink 8 glasses of this aday
this nutrient helps produce hormones, enzymes and antibodies
this nutrient protects our delicate organs
too much of this type of fat builds cholestrol on the walls of our arteries

The 6 Main Nutrients Crossword

The 6 Main Nutrients Crossword

Your body is composed of 75% _______
Helps carry oxygen to cells
Not considered a nutrient, does noy get abosorbed. Helps you poop.
Maintains water balance
Strengthens bones and teeth
Promotes normal blood clotting
Promotes healthy skin and hair, antioxidant
Aids the formation of red blood
Helps prevent night blindness
This nutrient boosts the immune system
Assits in bone development
This carbohydrate provides energy from suagr
This carbohydrate provides energy from grain
This protein is found in animal sources
This protein is found in plant sources
This fat is found in animal sources
This fat is found in plant sources
This fat is found in grain products
This main nutrient helps tissue repair and growth
This main nutrient insulates and protects organs
This main nutrient provides energy (calories)
This main Nutrient starts with a V
This main nutrient includes iron, calcium and sodium
This vitamin is usually found in citric fruits
Hydrates Organs

Fruits and Vegetables Crossword

Fruits and Vegetables Crossword

_______ of your plate should be fruits and vegetables?
Oranges are high in _______. (two words)
Bright pink fruit with white flesh and black seeds. (two words)
Spinach, turnip greens, and soy beans are a good source of _______.
You should be eating _______ servings of both fruits and vegetables per day.
Fruits and vegetables like bananas and potatoes are high in _______.
_______ is a vitamin found in vegetables like broccoli, beans, and asparagus.
Beta-Carotene, found in carrots, sweet potatoes, and spinach, helps support the immune system and _______.
_______ is a mineral found in artichoke hearts, butternut squash, and spinach, is important for maintaining healthy bones.
Foods high in _______ __can help fight infection and maintain healthy skin and eyes.
Most fruits and vegetables are low in _______.
It's important to eat fruits and vegetables of every _______.
Fruits like apples, pears, and raspberries are high in _____, which can help prevent coronary heart disease.
This leafy green vegetable is high in iron.

Chapter 10, lesson 2 Crossword

Chapter 10, lesson 2  Crossword

Body's main source of energy.
A carbohydrate that the body cannot digest.
Nutrients the body uses to build and maintain cells and tissues.
Waxy, fat like substance. In your blood it can build up on the insides of the arteries.
Something that helps regulates many body processes.
Elements found in food that are used by the body.
A condition where the bones become fragile and break easily.
Moderate amounts may lower your risk of heart disease.
Consuming to much of this may increase your risk of heart disease.
Can raise your total blood cholesterol level.
Forms bones and teeth.
This mineral is in foods like dairy products, meat, and eggs.
Sustains regular heartbeat, aids in bone groth and energy production.
Part of a compound in the red blood cells needed for carrying oxygen.

Vitamins, Minerals, and Water Crossword

Vitamins, Minerals, and Water Crossword

What you need for healthy bones
Low water in your body
How many glasses of water should we have?
Vitamins A,D,E,K and dissolve in fat
The molecule in red blood cells that carry oxygen
Makes hemoglobin
Nutrients that are chemical elements that are needed for certain body processes
The state of not having enough of a nutrient to maintain good health
Low bone density, not healthy bones
Pills for people who can't meet their nutrient needs
Nutrients that contain carbon and needed in small amounts to maintain health
Vitamins not stored in body very well

Bone Health Crossword

Bone Health Crossword

When bones do not calcify that is called?
That is also mostly found in whom?
According to current research, this vitamin may prove to be important to maintaining overall bone health.
Vitamin D3 is to plants as Vitamin D2 is to
Loss of calcium in bones is also known as
Besides calcium name another nutrient that vitamin D helps during bone growth?
When bones are poorly mineralized it is called
Lacking in Vitamin D usually leads to a deficiency in what?
Osteomalacia affects whom?
name an organ that participates in the activation of vitamin D?
Osteoporosis is mainly found in whom?
Name on source of vitamin D that has no toxic effect?
Name a Nutrient that aids in muscle contraction, hormone secretion, and regulates blood pressure.
A(n) ___________ amount of calcium intake will increase the likelihood of developing kidney and an elevation of blood calcium
phosphorus aids alongside with calcium in the formation of ______________ crystal which give bone it strong and harden qualities
is phosphorus a vitamin
This mineral can activate and deactivate enzymes
Assists in regulating calcium homeostasis
necessary for generation of_________ from carbs, fat and protein; sometimes it stabilizes ________ and sometimes it directly activates enzymes
magnesium is Important in maintaining __________ potentials across cell membranes and efficient functioning of all nerves and muscles dividing cells, needed in DNA and RNA synthesis
only about _____ of the Mg consumed is absorbed and as you increase consumption
Is rare in general population, more likely to occur in those experiencing alcoholism, kidney disease,_____________, gastrointestinal disease
If calcium in the blood is too low the stimulation of a hormone called _______________ causes Calcium to be released from the bone causing an increase in blood calcium levels.
If calcium levels in blood are too high the release of a hormone called
A diet deficient in calcium can affect _______ _______.
Severe elevations in calcium can cause a person to be in_______ or even death.
An __________ intake of Vitamin K has not been established because there are no documented side effects.
Is believed to be held accountable for the reduction in bone _________ density
when young children consume too much __________ and extra teeth grow under the gums
Develops tooth _______  resistance to decay-causing acid.

6 main nutrients Crossword

6 main nutrients Crossword

what source does Complete proteins/fat come from?
what source does incomplete proteins/fat come from?
an example of a food item high in trans fat is?
what part of your body does water hydrate?
what do carbohydrates,protein and fat all provide
folic acid is an example of a?
Iron is an example of a?
plant sources of essential nutrients are sometimes refereed to as an?
what nutrient helps with tissue repair and growth?
which vitamin assists in bone development?
OJ is a significant source of what vitamin?
olive oil, canola oil, fish oil , soy bean , tree nut , peanus and avacodo all contain what type of fat?
beef, chicken, pork, eggs,milk,cheese,yogurt,sour cream, cream cheese and butter all contain what type of fat?
out of all the six nutrients which one is exemplary of Milk?
Carbohydrates are usually found in what type of product?
Products with alot of sugar contain what type of nutrient?
this is not a nutrient because it does not get absorbed by the body.
what type of mineral strengthens bones and teeth?
packaged foods have a high content of what?
when considering the six nutrients... it is important to maintain a...
other than drinking water, what food group can you get the MOST water from?
other than from the food you eat, what is another form of vitamins and minerals?
which nutrients protects organs?
if you drink soda excessively what mineral deficiency could you get over time?
the mineral, calcium is best found in which food group?
in our food and nutrition class, what beverage did we learn could cause a deficiency of essential nutrients?