System that moves products, people, animals from one place to another place
A method of doing something
This thing provides ignition from a spark to create small explosions inside the engine cylinders
Spark Plug
These move up and down inside the engine cylinders
This part of the engine contains the moving pistons and small explosions that create the power
This offset wheel changes rotary motion into straight line or linear motion
Type of engine where fuel is burned inside it to create power
Internal Combustion Engine
The air fuel mixture is drawn into the cylinder as the piston moves down
Intake Stroke
The piston moves up, squeezing the air fuel mixture into a smaller space
Compression Stroke
When the spark plug fires and explodes the piston downward creating power
Power Stroke
This is when the piston moves up forcing out the waste (exhaust) gasses
Exhaust Stroke
Type of engine where the fuel ignites from the heat of compression only, no spark plug needed
Diesel Engine
Type of train that moves above a guide way using magnetic fields (magnetic levitation) (no wheels)
These vehicles use batteries for short distance transportation
Electric Vehicles