How do you request an Ethical Consult?
Social Services
Who can give informed consent?
Why must every hospital employee record suspicion of abuse?
Mandated Reporter
If any discussion of withdrawal of care, who must be notified?
Donor Network
How long after pain medication is administered, is it reassessed?
One hour
Pain level 1-3
Pain level 4-6
Pain level 7-10
What is the procedure for resuscitation and can be called by dialing 777?
Code Blue
What is the procedure for change in patient condition and can be initiated by a page?
Rapid response
How often are the orders for Medical/Surgical restraints renewed?
How often are restraints reassessed?
What color wristband indicates that a patient is a high risk for falls?
In addition to contacting the MD, what do we do after a patient falls?
How many days is a sterile multi-dose vial good for?
Twenty eight
How many minutes will it take for a STAT order to be available?
How many hours is allotted for a routine order?
Where are patient's home medications stored?
What must be filed if a adverse drug reaction or medication incident occurs?
occurrence report
Who is our Medication Safety Officer?
David Cruzan
Who is our Infection Preventionist
Mike Wheeler
What kind of hand lotion is compatible with latex gloves?
Water soluble
What kind of respiratory protection is required for airborne isolation?
What is a unexpected occurrence involving death or serious physical or psychological injury or the risk thereof?
Sentinel event