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Jaques cartier Crossword

Jaques cartier Crossword

Who was jacque cartier?
What was jacque cartier background?
Jacque used me to find his many locations
What was cartier discovering on his journey.
Who was the man who discovered canada?
During cartier travels,where did he find, for the first time the interior of the river.
Along which coast did cartier sail at a young age ?
On june 26, after crossing the coast of magdalen island, which island did cartier dicovered?
After crossing chaleur bay, who did cartier come across?
What did cartier do with the aboriginals after the planting of a cross?
Who came to canada in 1625 as a missionary?
An explorer who played a major role in founding of new france?

Silk Road Crossword

Silk Road Crossword

Who was the first European to sail from Europe to India?
The process of  moving people  and goods from one place to another.
an ancient network of trade routes that were central to cultural interaction through regions of the Asian continent connecting the West and East from China to the Mediterranean Sea.
What kind of trade made the Silk Road almost irrelavent?
How did silk become known to Rome?
An area in a  desert where  there is enough water for plants  to grow.
The countries of  southwestern  Asia and northern Africa.  (2 words)
a drawing or  picture showing  the features of a land mass
A line of rulers  from the same  family
Silk was very profitable for producers in
People used the road to.
A group of pack  animals traveling through a desert or  dangerous region
Who caused the first large-scale contact between the East and West?
The silk road connected the west with east through cities.
An improved way of doing or making something that uses specialized processes or methods.

Climate Change Word Jumble Word Scramble

Climate Change Word Jumble Word Scramble
Word Scramble

climate change
global warming
carbon dioxide
extreme weather
rising temperatures
melting glaciers
fossil fuels
greenhouse gas
solar radiation
ocean acidification
renewable resources
sea levels
carbon footprint

Exploration Crossword

Exploration Crossword

Came from China and is used for directions.
Discovered the new world.
Sailed from China around 1405-1433.
Sailed from Portugal in 1487.
Had a navigation school.
First European to get to India by sea
Used to measure the angle of an astral body.
Found the Pacific Ocean
America is named after him
Said England atound 1497-1498
Tried to find fountain of youth
A boat with a rounded bottom
Measures longitude and latitude
The three g's
Sailed to Asia
Made it hard to trade
Told what time it was and where the sun and stars were in the sky.
Defeated the Aztecs in Mexico.
Searched from Carolina to Oklahoma.
Conquered incas in Peru.

African Geography Crossword

African Geography  Crossword

A large area in Africa that is mostly grassland
The destruction of trees and other vegetation
Area with a hot and humid climate with thick vegetation
A country located located in north east Africa known for it's pyramids
The highest point located in Africa
When something like air or water is contaminated
What river provides the Sahel with water
The largest desert in the world located in Africa
A desert located in Southern
The largest river in Africa. It can be found in North East Africa
An extended period of time without rainfall
The country that the Atlas Mountains can be found in
The largest lake located in Africa
Rich topsoil carried by floodstreams
A sea laying between Africa and Asia
What river is located in the rainforest?
The process of land becoming desert
Continued use of chemical fertilizer can cause ---- to build up
What part of Africa has access to the Niger River
A country that is located on a island east of the mainland

World Geography Crossword

World Geography Crossword

The exact latitude and longitude at which a place is found
High flat plains where the Andes are widest
Located in south Ameria and drains the Amazon Basins
Mountain range running along the western edge of South America, world's longest mountain range
Latin American forces were led across the Andes to win independence for Chile and Peru
Dense continuous layer of leaves
The Atacama desert is one of the ______ places in the world
A community of plants and animals that depends upon one another and heir surrounding
An ____ is a place where a tide meets a river current
Caused by hot weather and lack of rain making grass and wood dry
A _____ is a cowhand that rid the pampas herding livestock
The pampas consist primarily of ______
Cultural geography, studies human activities and their relationship to the environment
Provided by navigable rivers
Made up by oceans rivers lakes and other bodies of water
Led by Miguel Hidalgo
Important waterway that cuts through the isthmus of Panama
Focuses on the study of earth's physical features
Occurs when large masses of rock are broken down into smaller pieces
Lies between sea level and 2,500 feet
Potatoes and barley grow at these elevations
He southernmost latitude to receive the sun's direct rays
The Mato Grosso plateau is part of the ____ of South America
A plateau formed from Hills and lower flatland in Argentina
Mountain range that many of the Caribbean islands are part of
Where plates have collided for millions of years
Parallel mountain ranges
Haiti won its independence from France
Describe a lace's location in relation to another place
a common phrase said at the end of a story

Middle East Crossword Puzzle Key

Middle East Crossword Puzzle Key

Africa’s longest mountain rang
Material deposited by rivers
a valley, ravine, or channel that is dry except in the rainy season.
Black Sand
an inorganic chemical and a salt-forming anion of phosphoric acid
mountain system in West Asia between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea
peninsula of Western Asia situated northeast of Africa on the Arabian plate
The body of water is an extension of the Indian Ocean through the Strait of Hormuz and lies between Iran to the northeast and the Arabian Peninsula to the southwest
sparsely populated desert region between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.
a salt lake whose banks are more than 400m below sea level, the lowest point on dry land.
largest enclosed inland body of water on Earth
endorheic lake lying between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
longest river in the world
eastern member of the two great rivers
Western member of two great rivers
a fertile spot in a desert where water is found
branch of agriculture that deals with raising of livestock.
grass cultivated for the edible components of its grain
desert in Central Asia
largest continuous sand desert in the world
largest hot desert and the third largest desert in the world

Sub-Saharan Africa Crossword

Sub-Saharan Africa Crossword

the widespread clearing of forest land. It is common in sub-saharan Africa because of farmers cutting the wood for new farmland or the clearing of the wood for their own needs.
Steppe areas are threatened by this in Africa. . It is the process that turns fertile land into land that is too dry to support life.
In very dry areas of Africa, these overpower the landscape.
In some parts of sub-Saharan Africa these are a problem. They are periods of time when there is no rain at all.
To help preservation to the rainforests and to boost economies, some African countries are encouraging this. It is touring a place without causing harm to the environment.
Steep jagged cliffs found in eastern and southern Africa.
These are used to make drills, saws, and grinding tools because they are such a hard substance.
The source of the Blue Nile
The source of the White Nile
Believed to have broken away from Africa;4th largest island in the world
among the southwestern coast is a desert made of rocks and dunes. It is cooler than other deserts in Africa.
Has a 68% literacy rate and is 356,668 sq. miles.
Has replaced agricultural products as the principal export in many countries in sub-Saharan Africa.
Hot temperatures and plentiful rainfall supports these in sub-Saharan Africa. They are dense stands of trees that receive high amounts of precipitation each year
A large break in the Earth's surface formed by shifting tectonic plates. One of these can be found stretching 4,000 miles from southwest Asia to southern Africa.
Is a country that has a life expectancy of 44 and 0.09 television sets per 1,000 people.
A country of 371 sq. miles and has 229 television sets per 1,000 people.
Farther from the equator in sub-saharan Africa, rainforests give way to great stretches of tropical ___:grasslands with scattered woods. ___ grasslands are home to many popular animals in Africa.
Arranged in an order and alike in some way; there is a ___ of escarpments in sub-Saharan Africa.
471,444 square miles and is a country in sub-Saharan Africa
___ Africa has a humid subtropical climate
___ Africa has a mediterranean climate
Found in African deserts; plants such as cacti with thick, fleshy leaves that can conserve moisture.
A country with a life expectancy of 57 and an Arabic flag and language.
Climate found along equator in central Africa and south Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa lies mainly here. It receives the direct rays of the sun year round.
A country in sub-Saharan Africa with a population of 26,900,000 and a life expectancy of 48.
Sub-Saharan Africa is more than 3 times larger than this country.
In rainforests, this grows at different levels.
Many tropical-African countries depend on this from trees in the rainforest.
Plunges over a river and creates Victoria Falls, a series of waterfalls that drop 420 feet.

Ancient African Crossword

Ancient African Crossword

An area of high flat land
Traditional storytellers
Mali's great warrior king who was called "Lion Prince"
Language that means "people of the coast"
Largest Empire of West Africa
Songhai leader who seized control of Timbuktu
Kingdom located by the Red Sea
Climate zone that covers 40% of Africa's land area. Is Dotted with small trees and shrubs
West African Kingdom that taxed passing traders which made them rich
Boats used by Arab traders to sail to East Africa

Age Of Exploration Crossword

Age Of Exploration Crossword

strict economic control of colonies by parent country
person who starts his own buisness
instrument used to find latitude
tribe conquered by pizarro
small fast sailing ship
supposed water route from Europe to Asia through North America
Portuguese prince who started school to encourage exploration
Magellan was the first to do this to the world
treaty that divided world between Portugal and spain
exchange of people, goods, and ideas between the eastern and western hemisphere
first country to begin exploration in the 15th century
sail that helps to sail against the wind
Portuguese captain who sails around the southern tip of africa
tribe conquered by cortes
first to sail around Africa to India
Englishman who finds newfoundland
famous explorer that found a lot of the silk road
northern Europe
navigation device which replaced the astrolabe and the cross staff because it could be used on land and sea
disease caused by lack of vitamin c