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Organ Systems Crossword

Organ Systems Crossword

Cells that move oxygen
Cells that fight disease
Cells that heal scrapes and cuts
A group of organs that work together to perform a function
A system that moves blood around the body
A system that allows breathing to occur
A system that allows for body movement
A system that provides structural support
A system that controls all body functions
A system that allows for the absorption of nutrients
A system that removes waste from the body
A system that protects underlying organs and tissues
A type of joint found in the hips and shoulder
The most prominent organ in the circulatory system
The control center of the whole body

Disc Golf Puzzle Crossword

Disc Golf Puzzle Crossword

What is the disc used to make long distance throws?
What is the term for the average score of a hole in disc golf?
What is another name for a disc used in disc golf?
What disc is often used for short range shots?
What is the name of the throw in which the angle of release has the outside edge of the disc angled down?
What is an important factor that affects outdoor disc golf?
Who created disc golf?
What is the term used if you get the disc in the hole in two throws?
Teams that all drive from the tee box and then all move to the best drive for the entire team to throw from is which type of tournament format?
The player with the (?) score throws first.
All players should stand (?) the furthest thrower before advancing to their disc.
What is another term for a throw in which the outside edge of the disc is tilted up?
What is another term for a shot thrown vertically or with an overhead baseball throwing motion.
What do you call a putting position that resembles riding a horse? A player’s feet are generally spread shoulder width apart or farther and equidistant to the target.
What do you call an area of the target where a player can aim with confidence knowing the putt will stay in the chains or drop nicely into the basket?
What is a throw from within 30 meters or less?
Which joint in your arm should you keep mainly stiff while throwing a plastic for best results?
What is a hole in one called in disc golf?
What is the name of a shot used to get he disc into putting range?
What do you yell when your disc is flying towards people to warn them?

Middle Ages Crossword

Middle Ages Crossword

covering of iron worn by knights
chuirch official who oversaw the work of priest
a high official of the catholic church appointed by pope
where the lord and his knights lived
people of the middle ages believed it represented god's rules and teachings
qualities of a good knight, bravery,respect for women
an official of the church such as priest, bishop
expeditions sent by the pope to capture the holy land
a period of several hundred years during the dark middle ages
large piece of land owned by a lord
the act of removing a persons membership from church
arrangement between lord, vassal,, and serf for ownership of land
land given for military service
holding beliefs that the church felt were wrong
court to punish heretics
clowns before a lord to make them laugh
contest between knights on horseback
person who rules a country during middle ages
man of honor in the military
well to noble who owns an estate
large piece of land owned by a lord
fall of the roman empire in 476 and ended with modern period 1400
same as medieval period
singers and musicians who entertained the lords
deep, wide, water-filled ditch surrounding a castle
building where monks lived
man who gives up property to serve god
class of rich people, nobles or lords
poor people who worked on manors
head of the roman catholic church
clergyman of the christian church
very poor people who worked for lords
contest or joust beetween two knights or two groups of knights
wandering minstrels who wrote poems about the love of a beautiful lady of noble birth
noble who was given land by the lord in return for military service

Choir Crossword

Choir  Crossword

very fast
moderately slow
at ease,leisurely in tempo
moderately fast
quickly and cheerfully
lively and fast
very slow
a stretched or broadened tempo
to be silent/cut out of the piece
used to indicate that all musicians should play/sing
strong accent that gradually increases in volume
to emphasize a note by deliberately holding it for its full duration
to add intensity to a note, usually through increased volume
return to a original tempo
little by little
unaccompanied choral music
give permission to improvise over a melody
gradually get louder
gradually get softer
gradually get faster
gradually get softer
hold until the conductor cuts you off
short and detached
smooth and connected
the beginning of the piece
indicates where the musician is to return
a point in the music in which the musician will skip, often at the end of the song
group of singers often the term interchangeable with choir

The Cat in the Hat Crossword

The Cat in the Hat Crossword

....... & I did not Know what to do
You sank our toy......
Thing one and .........
What did not shine???
Fun in a ...........
It was to wet to play ......... So we sat in the in the house
What BUMP made them JUMP
What did the things play with......
You bent our new.......
How many objects did the cat in the hat balance on his head??
......... Was out
The Weather was ....
What did Sally and I use to catch thing 1 & thing 2
The fish in the........
What pet did the have ??????
What colour was the fish??????
What was the cats first trick called
Mothers new
What colour is the Cat in the hats hat ??
When the cat and the walked in was the fish in the bowl or the pot???
What colour was the Cat in the hats umbrella
And look with my tail I can hold a red ......
Which foot was the cat in the hat balancing milk on ?????
How many books was the cat in the hat balancing ???

Spongebob Slap Shot Crossword

Spongebob Slap Shot Crossword

He is someone who likes money
A pink star that lives under a rock
When you freeze water you make this
A place where plankton works at
Mr. Krabs enemy
A food that Spongebob makes
A group of players that play a sport together
the round flat piece of rubber you hit in ice hockey
what you use to keep track of the score
when you score a point in hockey it is called this
someone on your team
someone who Spongebob always bothers
you wear this as your shirt when you are playing a sport
someone who teaches you on a team
The place where Spongebob works at
what you hold when you are playing ice hockey
A squirl that plays karate
what you wear on your head to protect it
A game played on an ice rink
he wears square pants

Chapter 16 Haircutting Worksheet

Chapter 16 Haircutting Worksheet
Matching Worksheet

reference points in a haircut
Widest part of the head starting at temples, ending at the bottom of the crown
Protrudes at the base of the skull
Highest point of the head
Hair that grows below the parietal ridge, or crest, hangs because of ____
The area at the back part of the neck/ hair below occipital bone
Triangular section of the head that begins at the apex and ends at the front corners
Element in creating a strong foundation and consistency in hair cutting and creating shapes is the use of______
The hair is prarted into working areas
Elevation creates graduation and layers
Blunt or one-length
Building weight in haircut
Angle at which fingers are held when cutting the line that creates shape
Guideline used in blunt, one length, or used in over direction to create a length or weight increase
Guide that involves a small slice from the previous subsection that’s moved to the next position
Used to create a length increase in the design of of graduated and layered haircuts
Used to help make decisions about the best haircut for a client
How your client looks from the side
Number of hairs per square inch
Thickness or diameter of each strand of hair. Fine medium coarse
It needs weight and is limp
Used to Detangle hair
Shear that Adds increased blending
Best way to control the subsection when cutting with a vertical or diagonal cutting line
Visual line in the haircut where the ends of the hair hang together
Should not be used on curly hair

Robotics Crossword

Robotics Crossword

Computer aided design can be say in a short way is
Follows commands you tell the robot
An information processing device whose inputs are both the desired and measured position, velocity or other pertinent variables
The study of motion, the forces that cause the motion, and the forces due to motion.
removes drive power from the robot actuators, and causes all moving parts to stop.
able to add resources to the system, such as memory, larger hard drive.
The procedures use mathematical algorithms along with joint sensors to determine its location of a robot
It can determine a position and orientation of an object in space, as well as the robot's position within its model.
re-programmable multifunctional manipulator designed to move material, parts, tools, or specialized devices, through variable programmed motions for the performance of a variety of tasks
I help the robot move it arms or move
This is commonly used as a non-contact sensor for robots. Robotic applications include: distance finding, identifying accurate locations, surface mapping, bar code scanning, cutting, welding etc.
industrial robotic arm transfers materials from one place to another.
devices or computers separate from the robot for later input of programming information to the robot.
It moves and use mostly on this I can work will out it
predicting the behavior and the operation of a robotic base the look of it
It help the robot to determine the environment of the robot like light heat.
The robot predicting the behavior and the operation of a robotic, kinematics emulation, path-planning emulation, and simulation of sensors. See Sensor, Forward Kinematics, and Robot.
This items we use to build buildings fix robot house.
It can work without you can build fine and it not being supporter by something
object to the workplace by gravity. Usually, a chute or container is so placed that, when work on the part is finished, it will fall or drop into a chute or onto a conveyor with little or no transport by the robot

Sports Medicine Terminology Crossword

Sports Medicine Terminology Crossword

close to the midline
stretching or tearing of a muscle or tendon
a bruise
swelling in a joint
complete separation of two ends of a joint
where two bones meet
stretching or tearing of a ligament
away from the midline
in front of
lying face down
swelling in the tissue
break in a bone
a sudden injury
overuse injury
structure that connects muscle to bone
a scrape
rest, ice, compression, elevation
fluid filled sac
a structure that connects bone to bone
a symptom of redness, and swelling
knee cap
thigh bone
arm bone
number of muscles that make up the quadriceps
your favorite teacher

Basics of Basketball Crossword

Basics of Basketball Crossword

A loss of possession to the opponent.
An act of blocking or screening a defensive player.
The arc surrounding the basket.
The player represented by the number 1.
A foul committed by the offensive player resulting in a turnover.
A violation of touching the ball when it is either still on the rim or in the cylinder.
A free shot resulted from a foul.
Unnecessary contact committed by a player against an opponent.
The player known as the 5.
A violation where a player interferes with a shot when it is already on route to the basket.
Failure for the ball to go past the half court line within 10 seconds of being inbounded.
Unnecessary contact becoming more excessive and showing possible intended harm to a member of the opposing team.