The act of containing the spread of communism.
A race to find whether who can stockpile the most weapons.
Arms Race
The imaginary line that divided Eastern Europe and Western Europe.
Iron Curtain
Doing publicized accusations.
A mutual defense between most of the allied countries.
Origination dedicated to peace, created after WW2.
A place in Germany, in which trails against German Officers were held.
The name in which created a doctrine that allowed aid to allied nations from external threat.
Reconstruction of economic plan that lasted 4 years.
Marshall Plan
A pact that was against Democracy, and was for Communism.
Warsaw Pact
The practice of threatening war following enemy aggression.
The place where many leaders of nations met for plans after WW2.
A race in which it challenged the superiority of technology.
Space Race
A group of people who produce for a communist state.
A group of guerilla communist who vied for the overthrow of South Vietnamese Government.
Term used who were not involved with the Cold War.
Man who won The Election of 1960.
The effect of other nations being influenced to Communism.
Line that divided South and North Korea.
38th Parallel
Russian Prime Minister who debated with JFK in the Kitchen Debate.
Plan of Economic rebuild under Russian Prime Minister Gorbachev.
Russian Prime Minister that brought the end of the Cold War.
A policy Gorbachev adopted which involved being open.
Practice of trying to lessen tensions in the Cold War.
An object that divided East and West Germany.
Berlin Wall

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