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Allies Crossword Dump By: Everett Lange

Allies Crossword Dump By: Everett Lange

What position was James
Which character lost her mother
What type of plane drops bombs
Who were the good guys
What was a popular weapon
Who were the bad guys
Who was friends with Sam
What is the book about
A weapon in the book
What was the most common weapon

Vietnam war Crossword

Vietnam war Crossword

vietnam was colony of what cauntry
who was the leader of the communist goverment in north vietnam
when the french pulled out southern vietnam,what cuantry entered to try and help stop communist from spreading
which side ended up winning the vietnam war taking control of the country
the country was divided up into a communist northern vietnam and a
Ho's soldiers in the north were called
although the united states and did not go directly to war
who began to fight the french
known as the national liberation front is
what theory was a theory prominent from the 1950 to the 1980s is

The Things They Carried Crossword

The Things They Carried Crossword

To travel on foot.
A U.S. infantryman.
A hole dug in the ground as a temporary protection for one or two soldiers against enemy gunfire or tanks.
A kind of knapsack strapped over the shoulders.
A helicopter.
Any aircraft which returned servicemen to the U.S.
An old Vietnamese man.
To be a coward or have failure of nerve.
Military slang for a place to live in, specifically a shack or thatched hut, as in Vietnam.
An explosive that propels upward from the ground and then detonates.
Canned meals used in military operations.
A person who supports the Vietnam War.
A person who is opposed to the Vietnam War.
A herbicide dropped on the forests and bush in Vietnam to defoliate.
Nickname for a group of specially trained army personnel.
Standard Operating Procedures.
Landing zone South of Chu Lai.

Australia and New Zealand Crossword Study Tool

Australia and New Zealand Crossword Study Tool

A geographical area in Australia and New Zealand
A main source of tourism in Australia
Shallow bodies of water that make up a good portion of Australia
Large cauldron-like hallows are a part of Australia's Gold Coast
What the European settlers did to the Aboriginal people of Australia
What they call Australians
The Indigenous Polynesian people of mainland New Zealand
The capital of Australia
The most common animal in New Zealand
The largest ecosystem in the world belonging to Australia
Australia's national animal
New Zealand is a ____________ island

ELA project Crossword

ELA project Crossword

Who lived in South Vietnam, but fought for North Vietnam?
What was the surprise attack in 1968 called?
What was the irregular warfare the Viet Cong used?
The Viet Cong were ________
The Viet Cong was America’s _____
What were the underground tunnels that the Viet Cong relied on
What side were the Viet Cong on?
Where did the Viet Cong live?
Where was the first place the Viet Cong attacked during the Tet Offensive?
Who named the Viet Cong?
When was the Tet Offensive?
The Viet Cong were ______ to South Vietnam.
How many North Vietnamese and Viet Cong died during the Tet Offensive?
A type of war tactic that the Viet Cong used.
Also known as_____
When did the Viet Cong form?
What war did the Viet Cong fight in?
What city did the Viet Cong live in?
What holiday was the Tet Offensive on?
Who was the Viet Congs leader?

Cold War: Vietnam Crossword

Cold War: Vietnam Crossword

Ruled by capitalists
Vietnamese capitalist leader
Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, colonized by France in the 1800s and then Japan after WWII
Vietnamese communist leader
Fighters that make surprise attacks on enemy troops occupying their country
Communist rebels who were trying to overthrow the capitalist leader
Ruled by communists
Suspension of fighting, truce is made
Belief that a communist victory in South Vietnam would cause noncommunist governments across Southeast Asia to fall to communism
State of tension between the US and Soviet Union

Cold War Crossword Puzzle

Cold War Crossword Puzzle

a war of tension between 2 sides
a group of french colonial territories in southeast asia
vietnamese communist leader
a form of irregular warfare
the leader of this state was Ho Chi Minh
opposite of north vietnam
a political communist organization (part of North vietnam)
if one country went communist then all countries surrounding it followed
south vietnamese politician
to stop fighting
country located in southeast asia
followers of communist party in cambodia
leader who led the khmer rouge
where people were killed during the khmer rouge

Vietnam War Crossword

Vietnam War Crossword

The communist guerilla forces in south Vietnam
The massive attack on South Vietnam by North vietnams army and the viet cong began January 30, 1968
A political effect in ones country will cause similiar events in neighboring countries
A person or group that supports the war in Vietnam by showing patriotism to USA
A person or group that doesnt support the war in Vietnam by protesting in the streets or on campuses about anti-war
the act of removing U.S millitary from vietnam and letting South Vietnam fight it's own fight
A chemical used to try and clear foilage of the vietnam jungles and decrease the viet congs ability to hide
Line of latitude that seperated North and South Vietnam
Claimed to have a list of communists in American gov't, but no actual evidence
South Vietnamese president that was Catholic and strongly opposed communism
Communist leader of North Vietnam, redistributed from large estates to peasents thus gaining popular support
Used to describe the Vietnam war as television coverage brought scenes of firefights and burning villages into Americans living rooms

Vietnam War Crossword

Vietnam War Crossword

a small country in south east Asia
President of The U.S during the Vietnam war
the reason for the Vietnam war
war that started in 1957 and ended in 1975
President of south Vietnam
President of North Vietnam
allies with Soviet Union, China, and Viet Cong
allies with South Korea, U.S.A, Australia, and Thialand
foreign policy to stop the spread of communism by creating alliances and helping weak countries resist Soviet advances
American governments belief that if one country came under control of Communists, then neighboring countries would as well
the Vietnam war was a cause of them in the 1960's
President that started the Vietnam war
Rule by the People a type of government whose primary goal is to create an equality of individual rights and opportunities by promoting freedom of choice
one of the bloodiest and longest battles of the Vietnam war
first major battle between the U.S and North Vietnam
last major battle on Vietnam
led the United States more directly into the Vietnam war
one of the largest military campaigns of the Vietnam War
first major offensive regimental size action conducted by the U.S
major battle fought on January 2, 1963 during the Vietnam war

Vietnam Crossword

Vietnam Crossword

the relaxation of Cold War tensions between the US and Soviet Union and the US and China under Nixon
The president during Cuban missile crisis
These people wanted war
These people were against war
The system that ran from the Democratic Republic of Vietnam to the Republic of Vietnam through Laos and Cambodia
The president who was known to inherit the Vietnam problem
President of Northo Vietnam from 1945-1969
This country refused to accept the Viet Minh and tried to eliminate them
This president raised military aid to French Indochina in an effort to contain communism.
Karl Marx created this political system in which all citizens are paid according to their abilities and needs.
Two lotteries on December 1, 1969 that determined what men would be called to serve in the Vietnam War
The 8 year long war between France and the Viet Minh.
Eisenhower theory that if Vietnam fell to cmmunism teh rest of Southeast Asia would topple like a "row of dominoes."
The group that supported Ho Chi Minh in his fight against foreign occupation.
President Truman wanted to make sure this happened when it came to Communism
This group of insurgents received aid from North Vietnam to overthrow the government of South Vietnam
in 1965 this country took over the main responsiblity for fighting the Vietnam War.
A government ruled by the people for the people
Nixon's plan where South Vietnam would gradually take over the war, and American soldiers would be brought home.
This president wanted to achieve "peace with honor" and hoped to persuade the North Vietnamese to negotiate an end to the war.
The scandal that brought down President NIxon
A group of people who get together to fight for or against a cause
A person captured during war and held by enemy forces
President Nixon opened relations with this communist country in hopes of pressuring the Soviets to cooperate more with the US
This is the line that divided North and South Korea.
The United States agreed to sell $750,000,000 worth of grain over a 3 year period to this country.
The US had this man elected this man to be in control of Southern Vietnam in order to spread of communism.
National Guard was called in to stop protests at Kent State University but four people ended up being killed. This is known as...