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The character autopsy of Austin Makhubela Crossword


Synonym for dependable
Word for having a desire to be successful
Another word for hard-working
Eager to learn
Word to describe someone who is open to new ideas and arguments
Word to describe a person that gives openly
Term used to describe a quick-witted person
Term for a person that's able to tolerate events without becoming anxious or annoyed
Person that fits all these qualities
Synonym for authentic

Activity: Crossword puzzle about newspaper article "How Betty and Barney Hill's alien abduction story defined the genre"


The theme of the newspaper article.
Write the plural of the word "Publicize".
What people inhale from balloons that make them sound like an alien.
Is UFO's existence a fact or myth?
What is the common noun for the proper noun "Avatar"?
Most important part to look at in a newspaper article to determine whether it is a true news or fake news.
The opposite of the word "erased".
Read the clue and fill in the missing word: Nichola was very eager to write her first newspaper article. She waited ___________ to start writing.
Write the past tense of the missing word. I __________ a letter to my friend to tell her about the fake news.
Synonym for "Gray beings".
The City where Betty and Barney discovered UFO's.
What does the "metallic disc" refer to in the newspaper article?
What does UFO stand for?

Canine Disruptive Behaviour Crossword


Typically, aggression occurs when a dog is exposed to a____
Dogs that are ______ may overreact to certain stimuli and appear aggressive to observers
______is a change in behaviour in the presence of something the dog considers valuable.
When trying to correct resource guarding behaviours we can use high ______ food drops to teach the dog that our presence indicates good things.
To address unwanted barking, we first need to understand the ______.
Three reasons why a dog may bark include fear, alarm barking and ______.
When training a dog not to bark the most important step is to prevent ______ as this strengthens the neural pathways and increases the likelihood of re occurrence.
Nipping is a ______ behaviour for puppies.
It is important puppies remain with their litter and mother until 8 weeks of age so that they may learn bite ______ and the consequences related to nipping.
Housetraining may be more difficult if the dog has a ______ and has become accustomed to eliminating on a particular surface (eg. Grass, ca Grass, carpet, newspaper).
Many people believe male dogs use marking to mark their territory. What is another possible reason for this behaviour?
When a puppy is chewing on something they should not be you should calmly interrupt and ______ it with an appropriate, puppy safe item
One reason destructive behaviour may occur is a lack of physical and/or mental ______.
If destructive behaviour is focused on points of entry, it is likely due to ______.
The best solution for deterring digging is to provide the dog with mental and environmental ______ if they are going to be left outside.
Digging can sometimes be managed by using a dig pit, which provides a controlled location for the dog to participate in “______” digging.
We can offer an ______ behaviour to be performed to stop a dog from jumping up.
Rather than yelling at the dog the best thing you can do when a dog jumps up at you is ______ them.
By using words such as “no” and “leave it” your dog may learn that items on counters or tables are only off limits when you are ______.
When we want to redirect our dog's attention from the food or item on the counter, we can use an attention noise. What should you not use to get their attention?
To avoid conflict between household dogs, you should not allow the dogs to ______ at one another, rather, calmly interrupt
Many conflicts between household pets can be due to incompatible personalities and ______.
One of the most important behaviours you can teach your dog is ______.

Erin's Crossword!


Which sector would a lumberjack go in?
What kind of farming makes food only for them selfs and their family?
Name the 3rd sector?...
Name the 2nd sector?...
Which sector would a computer designer go in?
Does Extensive farming use few inputs or lots of inputs?
With farming how many types of farming are there?
What is the first sector called?
Which type of framing rears animals such as cattle and sheep?
How many sectors are there?
Agriculture is farming including the growing of crops and the what of animals?
Does Commercial farming or farms want the money or grow it just for them and their family?
Climate is average and temperature and what else?
Which farming type only grows the crops and doesn't use animals or try to make money?
How many of the farming types use less inputs?
Which sector of Industry are there most people working in today?
In Africa are there more people working in Quaternary or Primary?
Which sector of Industry makes most of it's products not sell them?
What is the word for robots that do stuff for humans?
Which sector of Industry takes stuff from the earth or the sea?

VOTE FOR ME Crossword


A synonym for "sporty"
A synonym for "courageous"
A place where you can read and borrow books
The place where you can store your books at school
A group of people working or playing together
The pupil who represents the other pupils of the class
The room where you can use computers
Said about someone who speaks a lot
Said about a person you can trust
The place where you have lunch at school
The person who is in charge of finances
Said about someone who is often late
To be a candidate to...
Said about a slogan/song/title people can easily remember
Not shy

Ethics & Compliance Week 2021 Crossword Puzzle

Ethics & Compliance Week 2021 Crossword Puzzle

Common workplace ethic of respecting others and working well together.
Federal laws that provide protection from retribution against someone for reporting a suspected violation.
The capacity to do what is right even in the face of temptation to do otherwise.
Taking another’s property or money by a person to whom it has been entrusted.
When one obtains money or property by lying about a past or existing fact. False
Offering or giving anything of value to get or keep business or to influence performance of an official.
Obtaining money or other property by wrongful use of force or the power of office.
The duty of a business to contribute to the wellbeing of society. Social
An employee who speaks out about misconduct, malpractice, or corruption.
Set of standards or rules that guide business behavior in a positive direction. Code of
A person’s personal philosophies about what is right or wrong.
Use of confidential corporate information to buy or sell stocks. Insider
Deliberate deception to gain an unlawful advantage.
Crime against the environment. Green
Economic crimes committed by professionals in the course of their work. White Collar
Hiding money obtained illegally by putting it in legal businesses. Money
Negative or unfair treatment based on personal characteristics rather than job performance, skills, or merit.
Unwelcome conduct from another whose actions, communication, or behavior mocks, demeans, disparages, or ridicules an employee.
Sentenced to 150 years in prison for largest Ponzi scheme in history.
Its use poses a potential conflict between employees' rights to express themselves and an organization's need to preserve its reputation, intellectual property, and information its legally obligated to protect. Social
Responsible for making ethical choices to maintain our company's reputation for fair, honest business practices.
The set of measures taken to ensure that networks, systems, & data breaches are avoided.
A lifestyle influencer who served 5 months in federal prison and paid fines of treble damages in connection to allegations of insider trading. Martha
An unauthorized person viewing confidential data is an example of a reportable _______ incident.

Chapter 1 Vocabulary Crossword


a place where people work, live, or play together
a member of a community, state, and country
concern for others
taking care of important things
a group of people who work together to run a city, a state, or a country
things we are free to do
to make a choice about something
the right to choose what we do and say
a rule that everyone must follow
one part of our government
something that happens as a result of an action
something helpful that is done for you
money to the government to pay for services
leaders who write and vote on new laws
the highest court in our country

Crime and Law - burglary Crossword


someone who obtains money from people or forces them to do something.
informal term for British police
money or present given to someone to do something for you
person who illegally enters buildings and steals things
crime of illegally entering a building and stealing things
crime of stealing someone's car while they are using it
work people do to help others without being paid - COMMUNITY
uncomplimentary term for policeman in the United States
a public building in which courts of law are held
a room in which the legal proceedings of a court are held
sentence of punishment by execution DEATH
person against whom an action or claim is brought in court of law
physical abuse toward your spouse or domestic partner DOMESITC
driving a vehicle after drinking too much DRUNK
selling drugs DRUG
special chair used to kill a criminal with a current of electricity ELECTRIC

Eli's Own Crossword Puzzle #1


_____the Snowman
What do we call frozen flakes?
My Grandmother's name is __?__.
My dog's name is _?_
I can have ___?____ for breakfast.
A baby cat is called a __?__.
When ice melts it becomes __?__.
Hot cereal is also called ___?___.
I live near the city of ____?_____.
I live near the big lake called ___?___.
I live in ____ ____ State.
A baby dog is called a ___?___
Santa Claus has a white ___?___.
Santa Claus does NOT wear ___?___ on his eyes.
Sometimes my dog will make a loud __?___

KEY TERM TOPIC 2.3 Crossword


It is a measure of how efficiently this process is being carried out
Are things other people do far you such as cutting you hair
This is where a single items is made from start to finish , usually according to the customer’s specifications
Involves materials and components arriving at the workplace just in time for use and ‘finished’ products being immediately to customers with very little or no stock kept in case of problems with delivery or work in progress, etc.
Is the process of inspecting and testing products in ode to reduce the number of ejects in the production process and returns from customers
Is a series of activities designed to maximise the level of satisfaction that customers gain from purchasing product or service from a business
Is the raw materials and components , work in progress o finished goods a business holds at any one time
Is what is sacrificed when one course of action is taken over another
Involves the use of machines to carry out operational tasks
Is the length of time taken between two or more processes
Is a systematic approach to selling which involves a series of steps with the ultimate aim of making a sale