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Mom can't drive 55! Crossword

Mom can't drive 55! Crossword

our favorite spot to swim
the iconic birthday spot for the kiddos
the birthday megan dropped her cake on the floor
don't throw out eli's
upon meeting dad you decided to do what to him
Eli played this instrument with his lip numb
what song did megan sing in her 6th grade solo?
dad's favorite christmas cookie
you treated Eli to a game at this iconic field
you will never see Emily eating this fruit again due to an unfortunate childhood experience
you are the reigning champion in the family in this
the first concert you took megan to
Eli stuck blueberries up his nose here
where you became a mom!
your mom hack was to make Eli do these with his infection in the doctor's office
the house you grew up in
you were the star ice cream scooper at
emily and megan would do performances here that were questionably entertaining
you chaperoned the choir trip in this city
your best investment as a parent to keep megan and emily entertained as kids
how you survived with this many siblings growing up amazes me
the city where it all began
you and dad dominated playing this at grandma/grandpas during the holidays
the first time you took emily and megan on a plane was to
the best mom in the whole wide world

ATX & SA Year of the Tiger Crossword Puzzle


Japanese code to begin the attack on Pearl Harbor
Southern Carolina university with the mascot The Tiger
100 Acre Wood neighbor of Tigger
Jungle Book villain
Tiger King's Carole _____
TV show featuring the Bayside High Tigers
Magical duo famous for their white tigers
Disney princess with a pet named Rajah
Walking Dead King and former zookeeper with a pet tiger Shiva
Tony the Tiger thinks these are great!
Eye of the Tiger band
Princess kidnapped by pirates & almost drowned at Skull Rock, Tiger ___
novel by Yann Martel about a boy and a tiger
Netflix zombie heist film featuring Valentine the tiger
American magazine geared towards teenagers Tiger ____
MLB city featuring Paws the Tiger
Who Dey of Cincinnati supports this team

Kelly Clarkson Crossword


Kelly Clarkson’s first born
Kelly Clarkson’s second born
Kelly Clarkson’s Oldest step kid
Kelly Clarkson second oldest Step kid
Kelly Clarkson’s ex-husband
The most extraordinary famous singer ever
Kelly Clarkson sister
Kelly Clarkson’s brother
Kelly Clarkson’s evil father
Kelly Clarkson’s mother Who is also a teacher
Kelly Clarkson stepfather

The Puzzling Charboneau's Crossword


This is Bostyn's last year in ______. She says she loves her teacher (me), her friends, and learning.
Myles loves going to his _____ class; learning to jump, run, and roll. His favorite is when they get to climb the rope to the ceiling.
Angel is ______ and due at the end of May.
Joey has been working at the site for _____ years. He is a chemist and works long and hard.
Myles' favorite things about 1st grade are his teacher and _____.
Bostyn loves her ______ class. She insists on always having her hair in a bun for her class.
Angel served as Relief Society secretary for only 6 months, and has recently been called to be ______ president.
Joey worked hard on our yard this _____. He removed/added fences, built a chicken coop, a green house and more.
Myles and Bostyn are both in kids' _____. After Bostyn's first concert, Myles was inspired by the music and wanted to join her. It makes a Mama's heart proud to see her kids up there singing their hearts out.
We love you all and hope you have a very merry ______, as we reflect on the birth of our Savior.

Canopy Christmassy Who Knows Who??? Crossword


Who worked in a Family Planning Clinic prior to joining Canopy?
For the last 3 months or so, Audrey has been desperate to rid her house of something – what was it?
Whose remedy in times of stress, or any other time really, is chocolate?
Before joining Canopy, and herding doctors, Jane was responsible for organising what other group of professionals?
Trish was first in the team to secure what sort of booking after 29 November?
Patients are required to swab within how many days of their visit to Canopy?
First name of our most recently retired Canopy clinician?
Some of us prefer Netflix & Chill but for this teamster it’s Chardonnay & Piano – who is it?
Debbie has a very talented niece who sold her creations as a fundraiser earlier this year – what were they?
Name Charmaine’s newest grandbaby – here’s a clue, she’s a girl?
We are currently building a fancy schmancy new premises in Hawkes Bay – is it in Napier or Hastings?
It’s a tasty tipple, as well as being Tania’s (offsite) nickname?
In the olden days, pre Covid lockdowns, what mode of transport did Dale bring onsite?
Name the only boy in Tenia’s otherwise all-girl household?
What does the “E” stand for in the Canopy core values (CARE)?

Fire Drill Drama Crossword


What is Kayleigh's first task?
Sarah has to leave immediately with these.
Anne or Rebecca T pass the Sixth Form signing sheets to...
The Inventry report called 'Evac' is printed by...
Tara checks...
The Heads of Year need to be given the...
Andrea has to stop
Using the Eva report, LDC checks...
Kayleigh's second task is to...
Debbie checks these two groups...
The InVentry report shows groups of people such as visitors, Governors, Peripatetics and .... (which one is missing?)
Should opffice staff collect their bags and coats before they leave the premises?

All the Who's in Whoville Crossword


Barney's Boss
Foghorn Leghorn Lady
The first name of the original Wonder Woman
A Rose Is Still a Rose
Passed the Test
Thee Stallion
First Name of a Teenage Girl Detective
Of Sunshine
Means Suspicious and Wary
Cooking Wine
Famous Cowboy Move Stars Nickname
Old School Retail Clothing Store
Dandy with the Computers
She has a song written after her
By trade she calls and visits
Night and
Joy to the World
Ike's Ex
He Stole Christmas
Has Two First Names
We landed on Plymouth Rock
Sarandon, what is my first name
Has her own talk show
Is great with numbers
My name is spelled with a K
A piece of cake
Be Kind
One of two

Just for You Crossword


cousin; incognito
70's leg wear
Unchained Melody dance partner
Ruffle's Snack companion
Formerly, Saigon
Seniors' Junior
Last Grand
Family Vaca Local
My only son's song
Creator of this crossword
My first baby
My go to chocolate candy
Favorite Italian Pie Makers
Wed Month
AKA Charlie Brown; reluctantly
Dorothy's Special Sauce
70's socks
Lil' Seester
Big Sis, for short
Childhood pet; most preferred by parents
2nd Grand Girl; for short
unfair; jumbled
Point on the Golden Girls front door
Local Crossword source
You; Aka
Favorite fishy side dish
70's version of selfies; provider
Clydesdale Ale
4077th Members
aka Sarah Lee
Father and Brother first
Birthday Companion
Milk's Favorite Partner
Branch for Rick
Favorite Musical
Road where basement bar was built
Orange finger snack
Route 18 Track
"you're gonna need a bigger boat" movie
Brookpark Hangout
70's music fad
First labor State
Dad; aka
stayin alive artist
What is your function?
Delete button of the 70's
First Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
NY farm owner of Woodstock
Beatles first single
Lisa first cake design
First Grand Girl
number of children
Searsdale's Tavern
yogurt preference
Family Pet Canine
Christmas Story poke danger
kids eye color, all 3
Formally, Indians
Fathers look a like

Space Crossword


The planet with visible rings
The furthest planet from the Sun
The most mysterious thing in space
The first man to step on the moon
Galileo improved this
This gives Neptune it's blue colour
The hottest planet
Another word for the Sun
It takes 28 day to go round the earth
Our galaxy name

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