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Cyber Awareness Month Crossword


Something that shows up in a email
Hard to detect both by Users
Identity and Privacy Protection
Someone attempting to create Identity fraud
A security mechanism prohibiting the execution of those programs on a known malicious or undesired list of software
The occurrence of disclosure of confidential information, access to confidential information, destruction of data assets or abusive use of a private IT environment. Generally, a data breach results in internal data being made accessible to external entities without authorization.
A security tool, which may be a hardware or software solution that is used to filter network traffic.
A form of identity theft in which a transaction, typically financial, is performed using the stolen identity of another individual. The fraud is due to the attacker impersonating someone else.
he likelihood or potential that an employee or another form of internal personnel may pose a risk to the stability or security of an organization
Any code written for the specific purpose of causing harm, disclosing information or otherwise violating the security or stability of a system. Malware includes a wide range of types of malicious programs including: virus, worm, Trojan horse, logic bomb, backdoor, Remote Access Trojan (RAT), rootkit, ransomware and spyware/adware.
The likelihood or potential that an outside entity, such as an ex-employee, competitor or even an unhappy customer, may pose a risk to the stability or security of an organization. An outsider must often gain logical or physical access to the target before launching malicious attacks.
A form of unwanted or unsolicited messages or communications typically received via e-mail but also occurring through text messaging, social networks or VoIP. Most SPAM is advertising, but some may include malicious code, malicious hyperlinks or malicious attachments.
A form of malware that often attaches itself to a host file or the MBR (Master Boot Record) as a parasite. When the host file or MBR is accessed, it activates the virus enabling it to infect other objects. Most viruses spread through human activity within and between computers
a dishonest scheme; a fraud.
The act of falsifying the identity of the source of a communication or interaction. It is possible to spoof IP address, MAC address and email address.
A form of malware that monitors user activities and reports them to an external their party. Spyware can be legitimate in that it is operated by an advertising and marketing agency for the purpose of gathering customer demographics. However, spyware can also be operated by attackers using the data gathering tool to steal an identity or learn enough about a victim to harm them in other ways.
An attack focusing on people rather than technology
Alerts used as a warning of danger.
an attempt by hackers to damage or destroy a computer network or system.
a specific aspect of broader concepts such as cybersecurity and computer security, being focused on the specific threats and .
the ultimate call control center that gives customers full control of all T-Mobile's scam protection options.
Malware is defined as any device software that aims to cause damage and steal data. Malware is an abbreviation for malicious software. Ransomware and trojan, for example, are types of malware widely used in email attacks

Distributed System Crossword

Distributed System Crossword

encryption that has two key differences
key to secure messaging
communication between two parties has been overheard by someone
services or data become unavailable, unusable or destroyed
unauthorized changing of data or tampering with a service
additional data or activities are generated
transform data to maintain confidentiality and integrity
verify the claimed identity of a user, client or server
verify the requested action is permitted
useful for analysis of a breach and tracking attackers
requiring correct permission to perform an action
list of those with access (acronym)
a collection of permissions assigned to one type of user
the right to perform one action
one of several security mechanisms working together
TLS spelled out
remote procedure call in short
one easy way to design better security
when security features should be addressed in development lifecycle
how to read encrypted messages
sharing one key
how you get a ticket
common network protection at the edge
allows code from known source to be trusted
most widely used system to get the secrets
how an authority takes away past trust
way to check to see if only one bit is set
temporararily loan your access rights
sent as part of a challenge, prevents replay attacks
feature that allows access without logging in repeatedly
last but perhaps most important system concern
gateway that filters traffic and executable code
key to getting a response
ensuring the message was not modified

Protecting Our Patients' Privacy Crossword


Patient ________________ is your right to decide when, how, and to what extent others may access your health information
The privacy rule all healthcare workers must abide by
PHI stands for__________________ ________________ Information
A provider must post the notice of privacy practices in a clear and ______________-to-find location where patients are able to see it
The state of keeping or being kept secret or private
This must be signed by the patient in order to receive a copy of their medical records
Must be included when sending PHI via fax
An act of breaking or failing to observe a law, agreement, or code of conduct
The action or act of complying with rules and standards
This is a digital version of medical records

Surgical Radiography Crossword


MD or certified registered nurse anesthetist who specializes in the art and science of administering anesthesia.
preferably an RN; monitors and coordinates all activities in OR, provides supplies to scrub nurse, and manages patient care.
provides intraoperative imaging in a variety of examinations with a variety of equipment
responsible for maintaining the integrity, safety, and efficacy of the sterile field
allied health practitioner qualified by academic and clinical education
qualified surgeon or resident in an accredited surgical educational program; must be capable to assume duties of surgeon
licensed physician specially trained and qualified to perform surgical procedures
The area between the patient drape and the instrument table is maintained as a_________________ and is the territory of the surgeon and the instrument nurse only.
Access in the sterile corridor area is permitted only to those wearing? (4 wds)
What are the Three Cardinal Principles of Radiation Protection; Especially important during C-arm procedure? (3wds)
What C-arm Orientation has the least exposure to operator?
What C-arm Orientation has increased exposure to face and neck by a factor of four?
What C-arm Orientation has increased exposure at x-ray tube end?
What C-arm Orientation should be avoided; increased exposure to head and neck?
The_______ pedal allows the physician or other operator to have hands-free operation of the C-arm.
________ _________ consists of the practice and procedures used to minimize the levels of infectious agents present in the surgical environment. (2 wds)
The typical surgical suite has two general regions known as? (3wds)
What is the area called where the technologist is located?
left posterior oblique (abbrv)
Right posterior oblique (abbrv)
anterior posterior (abbrv)
What is the primary source of radiation exposure to the fluoroscopy staff ? (2wds)
What outfit does the sterile team wear?
Position where patient is lying on their back?
Position where patient is lying on their Stomach?

Weeding a Planted Area Crossword


A reason why a tool may not be safe to use.
What should you do to stop catching germs from the soil
You should always check with this person before removing weeds.
A garden tool that will help you remove weeds.
When you have finished weeding you should always do this.
Tools should always be ________ when you have finished using them
A weed is a ________ that is in the wrong place.
Tools should always be stored ______.
A place you can dispose of weeds correctly.
Some plants cannot grow well if they are surrounded by ______.

Fire Drill Drama Crossword


What is Kayleigh's first task?
Sarah has to leave immediately with these.
Anne or Rebecca T pass the Sixth Form signing sheets to...
The Inventry report called 'Evac' is printed by...
Tara checks...
The Heads of Year need to be given the...
Andrea has to stop
Using the Eva report, LDC checks...
Kayleigh's second task is to...
Debbie checks these two groups...
The InVentry report shows groups of people such as visitors, Governors, Peripatetics and .... (which one is missing?)
Should opffice staff collect their bags and coats before they leave the premises?

Week 10 Crossword


What are building blocks to help animals to grow and develop their bodies
Must eat food to get new matter and energy for their bodies.
When you connect all the food chains in an ecosystem.
Includes all of the connections between organisms and their environment.
Things that need food, air, water, shelter, and sunlight
The one connection all ecosystems share
Breaking food into smaller pieces, so it can become fuel for their bodies
Animals that eat only plants
Amimals that eat other animals
Animals that eat both plants and animals
Make their own food
The process through which plants make their own food
eat dead and decayind organic matter
matter that is or was alive

December Safety Knowledge Crossword


Many accidents and injuries occur each year due to lack of safety ___________
Alway observe your _________________
One of the nine types of energy. It can be shocking.
When working on any task its important to have the right what?
Who is responsible for safety?
When we struggle staying focused at work, it can lead to mistakes and _____________.
What chemical was introduced to sanitize with?
What kind of shoes must be worn in all operating areas?
Wear your facial covering ________________.
Please _______________ social distancing



Where are policies located
How many injections do you get in a Hep B series
Who provides cleaning chemicals for the departments to use
If you are out for three days or more what do you need to have to return to work
If we have a disaster and we lose natural gas supply what will we use
who approves personal appliance use in HMH
Do we allow service animals in HMH
How often does a head lice egg hatch
What do we do with a patients clothes that has head lice
What is the surgeon's last name that starts with F
What is the minimum amount of seconds to wash your hands
What is a common food borne illness
How many visitors can a PCU patient have s day
What does Code Gray mean
What protects patient information

Campus Fun! Crossword


What building is north of TEB?
What building is south of building 2?
What building is on the north end of Sylvania?
What is the name of the art gallery on CAS campus?
What system does each dispatcher test once a week?
Who is the campus Sgt at Cascade?
How many main campuses at PCC?
6400 N Cutter Circle
What campus is located in Scapoose?
What is the brevity code for on scene?
Who answers the code blue phones at Newberg Center?
what campus uses the cad location quad
What student parking lot is close to AM and CSB?
In what building is the makers lab located?
Officer Campbell works at which campus?
What system is used to access student information?
What is the common name for Metro in CAD?
1626 SE Water Ave is what center ?
What is the cad code for student union?
what is the CAD location for lesser gate?
Where is the fish pond at RC?
Which campus has a museum?
How many campuses have ceramics?
What building is the library at Rock Creek?