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PULSECX Goal for FY21
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Our Concept Green Score
New IKEA Family Partnership
A Pillar from Business Plan
A benefit of IKEA Family Club
Our Recovery Index Goal
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Gas Laws Crossword

Gas Laws Crossword

indirect relationship between pressure and volume
P1 x V1 = P2 x V2
Direct relationship between volume and temperature
V1/T1 = V2/T2
Direct relationship between pressure and temperature
P1/T1 = P2/T2
A law that combines Boyles, Charles, and Lussacs laws
P1V1/T1 = P2V2/T2
the ideal law that factors at STP and includes number of moles
PV = nRT
direct relationship between the number of moles and volume
V1/n1 = V2/n2
What law happens when you put a balloon into liquid nitrogen?
What law happens what you leave a basketball out side in cold weather for a long time?
What law happens what you twist a straw and then flick it?
What law is a spay can?
What law is it when you heat a can and then put it into water?
What law is it when you open a sealed container of hot food?
total pressure of a mixture of nonreacting gases is the sum of their idvidual partical pressures
Ptotal = Pa + Pb + Pc.....
as particles are heated, they move faster and exert more pressure on the walls of their container
Is Charles's law inverse or direct porportion?
Is Boyle's Law a inverse or direct porportion?
Is Ideal Gas Law a inverse or direct porportion?
What does 1 atm equal?



In Islam, the "call to prayer"
Arabic word for God
Islamic leaders regarded as successors to Muhammad for Sunni Muslims
The foundational and practices of Islam that were set forth by Muhammad and are practiced by all Muslims
Word meaning "story", the sayings and stories of Muhammad that are meant to form guidance for living out Islam
A Muslim who has memorized the Qur'an
A term meaning "migration", it recalls the escape of Muhammad from his enemies in 622 C.E. And the beginning of the establishment of Islam. Marks the start of Islamic calendar
The leader for prayer at a mosque who is chosen for his knowledge of Islam and his personal holiness
The first Islamic shrine, which Muslims believe was built by Abraham. Destroyed by pagans, it was reclaimed by Muhammad when he captured Mecca in the seventh century.
Arabic that means "recite" or "recitation." In Muslim belief, God's final revelation superseding both Jewish and Christian Bibles.
The Fourth Pillar of Islam, which is a month of prayer and fasting that commemorates the Night of Power.
Chapters or sections in the Qur'an. Each surah is a separate revelation received by Muhammad.
A Muslim scholar trained in Islam and Islamic Law.
The ritual washing of the face, hands, arms, top of head, and feet that a Muslim must perform before Salah.

Chapter 8 Islamic Civilization Crossword

Chapter 8 Islamic Civilization  Crossword

A Muslim house of worship
Muslim marketplace
A tool that helps sailors navigate by the position of the stars
The tower of a mosque from which Muslims are called to prayer
A Muslim leader
Group of Muslims who accepted the rule of the Umayyad caliphs
Group of Muslims who believed the descendants of Ali should rule
Seljuk Leader
A religion based on the teachings of Muhammad
A green area in a desert fed by underground water
The leader of an Arab tribe
Groups of traveling merchants and animals
The Holy Book of Islam
Islamic code of law
Profession of Faith 5 pillars
Prayers 5 pillars
Giving of Alms 5 pillars
Fasting during the month of Ramadan 5 pillars
Pilgrimage to Mecca 5 pillars
Creator and last prophet of Islam

Chemical Equilibrium and Chemical Kinetics Crossword Puzzle

Chemical Equilibrium and Chemical Kinetics Crossword Puzzle

the concentration of A is final minus _________
the rate is equal to the concentration of A over the change in __________
a homogeneous factor affecting rx. rate (includes polarity and size)
In a reaction rate if the temperature increases then the rate _________
An enzyme that increases in rate without being consumed
A ==> B+C
If K is known for a first order half life rx. then t 1/2= ________/k
These enzymes bind to allosteric site
In the formula ln(K2/K1) = Ea/R (1/T1 - 1/T2), Ea stands for ________ _______
The equilibrium constant in chemical equilibrium that is based on the concentration
In the reaction 2NO + O2 <===> 2NO2, if pressure is increased which side will it shift to?
If the product in the rx. N2 + 3H2 <====> 2NH3 is removed, which side will equilibrium shift?
The increase in temperature will cause a reaction to shift to the ______________ side
inhibitors that deforms enzyme's active site
inhibitor that competes for active site
In the formula Kp=Kc (RT)^change in "n", what does R stand for?

netball! Crossword

netball! Crossword

What you year to show your team colour
The other shooter apart from Goal Shooter
Passes the ball first
How many players on a team?
marks wing attack
how many feet can you move after catching the ball
where is the goal shooter allowed?
how many are there of each space in a team
when the other team is out, you get a
what you score in
how many people in a team can score
a goal is worth...
marks goal attack
marks one teams centre
marks goal shooter
what is a netball court divided into?
turning on one foot is
how many substitutes can you have?
other players must stay -------- away from the person with the ball
after catching the ball,you have ---- steps.

SMART - Goal Setting Crossword

SMART - Goal Setting Crossword

Achieving your goal, gives you a sense of....
What does A stand for in SMART?
Ever goal should have a specific...
Setting SMART goals, keeps us...
What does S stand for in SMART?
What does M stand for in SMART?
What does T stand for in SMART?
What is the acronym that helps us remember how to set targets?
If you have not achieved your goal, what do you do?
If you easily achieve your goal, you should have it...
What does R stand for in SMART?
What is the time frame for a short term goal?
It should take around 6 weeks to achieve this type of goal.
I should be looking to achieve my long term goal in how many months?

Nursing week crossword puzzle

Nursing week crossword puzzle

They do EKGs in the ED
They assist our patients with ADLs
They are often the first face a visitor sees when entering a nursing unit
They educate and onboard our new staff
A goal for 2019 is that 20% of our patients will be ______ by 11am
An important communication tool with patients and families found in every room
Our annual plan includes stopping harm and _______
Our four values are Excellence, Partnership, Compassion, and _______
Every year we learn from our staff via the Annual _____ Survey
One of the best ways to reduce infections
Regions has 454 _____
Preventing an error
Eat healthy and exercise
Watchful eyes for at risk patients
Integral part of the Mental Health team that lead a group
Unit subject matter experts
Rhythm watchers
Regions Be Well program supports employee well-being in 6 areas: financial, social/interpersonal, community, mental/emotional, career and _____
South 6 has gone 27 months without a _____
Works collaboratively with care teams to provide safe discharge plans for patients

FACS Crossword

FACS Crossword

What is the word for communication that uses words?
Stands for Family Career Community Leaders of America
What is a word for a punishment for your actions?
What is another word for job?
Which category of words aren’t appropriate in a professional setting?
Stands for Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic and Time Bound
What type of goals takes longer than a year?
A short term goal takes less than _____ months to complete
What is a goal that takes four months to a year to complete?
What is the word for emotional strain resulting from a demanding situation?
What is the word for long term sadness?
What is the quality of someone who always does the right thing?
Another word for a representative
Someone who has this quality is also dependable
What’s the word for the inner voice in your head that tells you the right thing to do?
_________ people plan ahead
People that help guide you
Bring your _____ letter to a job interview
A ______ is a one page document of your accomplishments
What is the stage when children move out of their parent’s house?
Plan how to handle a crisis ______ it happens
What is the condition called when someone’s body depends on a drug?
What is a person that drinks alcohol excessively?
Going to a _______ group can help people recover by talking to others in a similar situation
If a loved one dies, remember the _____ memories
Emotional and physical damage from someone is called what?
Is good social skills a positive or negative character trait?
Do goals need to be unrealistic or realistic?
A person who sees the bad in everything
What type of leader takes total control?
What is it called when a family takes custody of a child with no parents?

Muslim Crossword

Muslim  Crossword

Founder of Islam
Holy city of Islam
What modern day country is Mecca in
Name of the confession of faith; first pillar of Islam
Name of praying 5 times a day; second pillar of Islam
Fasting during the month of Ramadan; third pillar of Islam
What is the holy pilgrimage to Mecca called in the five pillars of Islam?
5th pillar of Islam
What religion was founded by Muhammad?
Holy book of Islam
First monotheistic place of worship
How many times do you go on a hajj in your life
Another name for Muslim God
How many pillars of Islam are there
Supporters of the Umayyad
Supporters of Ali
Early Muslim empire containing most of Spain through Asia
Followers of Islam
Holy wars launched to forcibly spread Muslim faith
How many names exist for Muhammad

Floor Hockey Crossword

Floor Hockey Crossword

It is used to start the game and restart the game after a goal is scored.
When a player shoots or passes with the bottom hand pulling the stick forward.
When a player shoots or passes with the bottom hand pushing the stick backwards.
The act of pushing or passing the puck up and down the court.
When a single player scores 3 goals in the same game.
Players who commit infractions during the game go to this spot to sit out for alloted time period.
Illegal use of the hockey stick to hook another player.
Consequence given for roughing, high sticking, hooking, or other misconduct fouls that are illegal.
Penalty called when a player lifts the blade of their stick above the waist, winds up, or follows through when attemting to hit the puck.
n illegal shot that involves swinging the stick behind, slapping the puck, and the follow through brings the stick high.
Game played in P.E. using only sticks, a puck, and goal.
This person protects the goal from the opposite team trying to score.