What figurine is named after this hotel?
Miss Peabody
What was the 2016 Masterpiece?
Heavenly Angel
What is the 2017 Final Issue?
What New Baby figurine could you have personalized?
Wake Up
2017 Breast Cancer figurine?
Gift of Hope
What City was the 2015 M.I. Hummel Convention in?
What was Club Year 40's figurine called?
Always Growing
What town in Germany is the Hummel Factory?
What is the 40th Anniversary figurine?
Basket of Gifts
Who was the sculptor of Summertime Surprise?
What Was Sisiter Hummel's First Name before becoming a Nun?
How many girls are in Joyful Gifts
What was orginally in the bucket of Summer Castles?
What was in the basket of Forget Me Not?
Flower Pin
What is the Girl holding in Gift of Hope?
Where was the 2013 Convention?
Las Vegas

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