A self ruling state who's citizens share common factors.
Nation state
King of France , ruled for 300 years, brought first national government.
Hugh Capet
King of England, brought feudalism.
William the conqueror
Brought the common law, worked to make the court system better.
King Henry II
Magna Carta limited his power
King John
Great charter
Magna Carta
Black Death
Bubonic plague
Led the attack at the battle of Orleans
Joan of arc
Voice to citizens, citizens choose their lawmaker.
Representative democracy
Group of leaders representing
The reconquering of Spain
Unified their kingdoms; catholic; got rid of muslims and Jews
Ferdinand and Isabella
Made Spanish empire get larger in Europe
Phillip II
Expanded Spanish empire into Western Hemisphere
King Charles V
Got rid of mongols, expanded Russian nation , centralized power in Moscow
Ivan the great
Spoke to the lords, told them to start fighting in the crusades
Pope urban II
Target was Jerusalem and were christians
Muslim leader of Egypt, took over Jerusalem
Another word for outremer or kingdom beyond the sea
Crusaders states
To keep or maintain
Most popular or powerful
Workers who do the same thing
Group of people organized into one guild
Law made for common people
Men who lived in monasteries
Wrote praise of the folly
Wrote utopia in 1516
Sir Thomas more
Painted the Mona Lisa and the last supper
Leonardo da Vinci
Made the ceiling of the Sistine chapel and the statue of David
Celebration of the human body

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